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Janelle Brown Shows Off Something Tasty She Whipped Up

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Since Sister Wives first premiered back in 2010, Janelle Brown admitted she has struggled to make healthy choices throughout her life. Throughout the years, fans have watched Janelle make a strong effort to get back in the gym and choose healthy, nutritious meals.

But as a busy entrepreneur, that’s sometimes easier said than done. Keep reading to learn more about the last-minute meal Janelle made for herself this week.

Janelle Brown whips up something delicious and nutritious

Now that Janelle’s children are all mostly grown, she doesn’t have to try as hard to feed a big family. Her youngest Savanah is a senior in high school and Kody mostly stays with Robyn these days. So unless Janelle has company over, she’s only generally responsible for feeding one or two people.

The TLC personality has always prided herself on having a thriving career, so she doesn’t always have time to cook much. During the course of Sister Wives, Janelle admitted that was one perk of living in one big house together — someone else was generally doing the cooking.

Janelle Brown from TLC
Janelle Brown/TLC


But even though the Sister Wives star had a long day, she still made time to make a delicious, healthy meal and stay on track with her weight loss goals.

“Long day. So tired,” Janelle Brown began her Instagram post. “But bag of frozen riced cauliflower and a bag peas, some toasted sesame oil, some left over chicken and coconut aminos (soy sauce has walked away apparently) = a humble dinner. Saved me from take out. Having pre-prepared or frozen veggies on hand is a life saver. Some days it is what makes it possible to get vegetables in at all.”

Janelle Brown from Instagram
Janelle Brown/Instagram

Even though Janelle admitted she didn’t put much effort into the meal, her followers had plenty of kind things to say about it.

You are doing awesome! What an Inspiration you are!! ♥️” one of her followers wrote. Many others added that they appreciated Janelle’s transparency. Sometimes, it really is hard to cook a healthy homemade dinner and avoid takeout. Her followers were proud of her for whipping up something healthy and tasty. 

Is there trouble in Flagstaff?

As far as anyone knows, right now Janelle Brown is still married to Kody. That information could all change once the Season 17 premiere happens, however. After Christine officially left, she and Janelle have been spotted multiple times together. On top of that, the women make appearances on each other’s Instagram page all the time. But neither woman ever mentions Kody.

Christine Brown/Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

On the other hand, it’s entirely possible that everything is well. Now that Christine is out of the picture, Kody may even get the massive single-family house he always wanted.

Fans will just have to wait and see what happens when Sister Wives returns on September 11.

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