‘Sister Wives’ Season 17 Premiere Date Confirmed: What To Expect

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Sister Wives Season 17 officially has a premiere date! When can fans tune in for another season of the Brown family? And, what can they expect from the show following Christine and Kody splitting up? Keep reading to learn when to tune in for the Season 17 Premiere and what to expect!

Sister Wives Season 17 Premiere Date Drops, When?

People Magazine shook things up a couple of hours ago dropping an exclusive sneak preview of Sister Wives. With the preview, the outlet exclusively confirmed that Season 17 was happening and the premiere date was right around the corner.

When is the Season 17 Premiere date? According to the exclusive, the new season will premiere in two months on September 11th.

Kody Brown Talks Marriage [Credit: TLC/YouTube]
[Credit: TLC/YouTube]
With news of the premiere, the outlet also featured a very short teaser clip of just 10 seconds long. Sadly, the clip did not feature any members of the Brown family. Despite being very brief and saying very little, the clip also made what this season of the TLC series would focus on.

The clip features background music zooming in on the words “Sister Wives.” The letter “I” had four rings on it. Toward the end of the brief clip, the music became more dramatic as one of the rings dropped off the bottom of the letter “I.”

Without saying anything, the clip made it clear Season 17 of Sister Wives would focus on how the Brown family moves forward after Christine and Kody split up.


Fans suspect they’ve been filming for a while

On social media, fans have spotted many of Kody Brown’s family flocking to Flagstaff. Most fans assume family members only come back to Flagstaff to visit with Kody and Robyn when they are obligated to for the purpose of filming. On Reddit, fans have taken issue with how far behind the series is compared to where things are in real life. For example, fans think Mykelti and Tony being pregnant with twins will be great for the series. They, however, haven’t even given birth to baby Avalon in the series yet.

Fans can’t help but wonder if Christine and Kody Brown will interact in Season 17. As those who follow Christine on social media know, she’s been traveling all over and losing tons of weight. Moreover, she’s been spending all sorts of time with Janelle.

Christine Brown/Instagram

Are you excited Sister Wives Season 17 has a premiere date? Are you bummed it is still two months out? Let us know what you think in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on the Brown family.


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