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Janelle Brown HOOKED On Something Shocking

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Sister Wives Janelle Brown has a pretty active life outside of her family these days. She’s really thrown herself into her entrepreneurial pursuits as well as her Plexus hustle.

But she actually has a surprising interest that not many of her fans saw coming. Keep reading to get the inside scoop.

Janelle Brown shares her latest obsession with her fanbase

Since Sister Wives first premiered on TLC, Janelle Brown has always been the working wife. She’s always strived to have a job outside the home and fully dedicated herself to her work. Her interests in the show always seem to include outdoor activities, such as exercise, hiking, and gardening.

Janelle Brown from Instagram
Janelle Brown/Instagram

And this is why many of her followers were so surprised to learn more about her other interest.

As it turns out, Janelle Brown is actually a Trekkie! The Sister Wives star admitted that she’s a huge Star Trek fan and is in love with the newest series on Paramount+.

“😀GEEK ALERT😀,” Janelle captioned her post. “I’m hooked on this new Star Trek series on @paramountplus – Its following Captain Pike (and If you are as hard core of a Trekkie as I am you will know who that is 😀). Great cast, good stories!”

Janelle Brown from Instagarm
Janelle Brown/Instagram

Many of Janelle’s fans rallied around her interest and said they were huge Trekkies too. It seems like the TLC personality just earned a bigger following and won some new friends too.

What’s the latest on the TLC star’s marriage?

Since Season 17 is currently filming, the Sister Wives stars are pretty quiet about what’s going on in their personal lives. But since Christine Brown left the family last fall, many fans suspect that Janelle quietly followed in her footsteps.

Christine and Janelle have always shared a deep friendship. Even though Christine is no longer part of the family, she and Janelle still spend a significant amount of time together and appear on each other’s Instagram pages. And noticeably, Kody Brown is always absent from their outings and posts.

Christine Brown/Instagram
Christin Brown/Instagram

Changes to a fan-created wiki page also suggested that Kody and Janelle were now divorced. However, it’s important to note that anyone can edit the wiki pages. There hasn’t been any concrete evidence to suggest that Kody and Janelle did indeed split up. Right now, it’s all just speculation from fans.

However, Kody really only seems interested in working on his marriage with Robyn these days. It wouldn’t surprise most fans if Janelle actually did leave too.

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