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Janelle Brown Shares Her Weight Loss Joy, Shuts Down Trolls

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Janelle Brown of Sister Wives shared a weight loss update on her Instagram profile. As TvShowsAce reported, it hasn’t been that long since her last update on her health journey. Likewise, TvShowsAce also reported that TLC viewers aren’t really buying what Janelle is trying to sell.

The TV personality currently sells an MLM weight loss product. Sister Wives fans don’t believe Janelle Brown actually consumes the product despite being adamant it has helped her lose weight. Likewise, Sister Wives fans also don’t believe she’s actually lost any weight.

Grandma Janelle Brown Leaves Disney Feeling Tired & Fulfilled [Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram]
[Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram]
With her latest weight loss update, Janelle Brown grabs the criticism on her health journey by the horns. She, however, does it in a very timid fashion as she turned off her comments so the trolls couldn’t continue to fight back.

Janelle Brown says her weight loss journey is ‘different’

At the start of her post, Janelle Brown explains that weight loss is different for everyone. Sadly, Janelle Brown knows how critical Sister Wives fans can be. So, she’s been filled with hesitation to post anything regarding her own progress. Janelle Brown admits it doesn’t matter how much progress she’s made. People will always come for her.

Janelle Brown - Instagram
Janelle – Instagram

She said as she explained her decision to share anyway: “However, in the past year, not only have I increased my strength but in my own unique way I have lost weight and inches. Plexus was the magic I wish I had years and years ago.”

I never thought I could feel as good as I did at 18 and finally feel like I’m on my way to my ultimate health goals. This is not an overnight fix. These pictures are from last July and this July. I wasn’t searching for instant results, because those don’t tend to last – but slow and steady as they say, wins the race! I couldn’t be more excited about my progress.

At 53 years old, Janelle claims the weight loss product she’s taking makes her feel like she’s 18 years old again. She recognizes her body doesn’t look like that of a person that has lost tons of weight. She, however, believes that she’s improving her health in her own way and in her own time. So, she doesn’t care that her weight loss might not be as visible as other people taking the product.

Is Janelle Brown lying to her about her weight loss and how she feels? Do you see a difference in her pictures? Let us know in the comments down below.

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