‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Season 4 Episode 2 Recap- June 13


Last week on the Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 premiere, the Merrifields returned. They are struggling with their relationship with Roberta who they have not seen in a year. Though her visa was approved, she has stayed in Brazil due to her mother’s health. So, Dannielle suggested they find an extra wife for the family to keep her company if and when Bert does come to America. Luckily, they have found Lea from California and have just made it to meet her in person. The Foleys have been married for eight years and they met when husband Steve was actually married to someone else. They had an instant connection to Brenda and started off as friends but soon realized they were dating. Sadly, his wife received a lot of negativity and left the relationship.

Now they are pursuing April, 21 and it is very new but Brenda does not feel the connection is there. However, Steve really wants it to work so he will do whatever he can at this point. Finally, the Davises are comprised of Nick, April, and Jennifer. He has been with April for fourteen years and she met Jennifer almost five years ago. The two women connected so she introduced her to Nick. They fell in love so to seal the deal, the women got married but took Nick’s last name. He is a stay-at-home dad to April’s teenage son while the women are breadwinners but they are pursuing a new woman, Danielle. What will come of all of this? Find out now.

The Merrifields New Mission On Seeking Sister Wife

Dannielle and Garrick have made it to LA to meet Lea but Bert is not excited about this at all. They think it would be a good idea for Bert to meet Lea via video chat. Dannielle can completely understand what it is like to be jealous as she felt that way when a wife was brought in so she is trying to aid the situation. Lea admits it has been hard to communicate with Bert as she feels she is always the one carrying the conversation. It is as if Bert does not care about Lea enough to ask deep questions. Now the trio is off to an Airbnb for their time in Cali and they like how funny Lea is. Bert, on the other hand, is very reserved.


It is hard because Bert wishes she was there before they added someone new. Dannielle is nervous about the call but it has to happen and they are doing it ASAP. They want all of the wives to get along and it is essential that all of the wives get along. Bert is on FaceTime but the language barrier is a bit messy so they use the translator. Garrick gets all emotional so the ladies leave and give him time to speak to her. Lea knows this will take time as she does not want to come to resent Bert. Bert tells Garrick he is her king but outside, Lea confides to Dannielle that Bert has been cold to her, maybe jealous.

Here Comes The Epps Family

This is a new family for the show and they already have some scandals in their background. It is uncertain if this will be discussed but time to meet them nonetheless. Marcus is married to Taryn and engaged to India but they have been polygamous for two years now. He and Taryn met in college through a girl he was hooking up with. Marcus is an elected official in Ohio where he grew up but flies back and forth between there and Florida where his family is for winter. He and Taryn had been together for over a decade when he was juggling more women than he was supposed to. Marcus was doing things he shouldn’t so she moved out with their daughter and that was when he met India and they have been inseparable.


Taryn was gone for a year when she and Marcus started having a conversation about her coming home. By that time, he and India were engaged and he wanted his cake and to eat it too. She wanted India to leave but after a month, the idea of polygamy came up and it just worked for Taryn. India was not cool with it but she loved him so much that it was worth a try. He and Taryn have one daughter, he has one son from a prior relationship, and their son’s good friend lives with them. Now Marcus is getting ready to go on a date with a woman he met many years ago. He will also be dating other people to see who the right fit is. The kids say it cannot get much more crowded.

Steve And Brenda Are Seeking Sister Wife In April

Brenda and Steve Foley are building a new home since they are now working remotely. It gives them the chance to get away from the city and they are excited to create their dream home. They are courting April who they met six months ago. It has been exclusive for three months and has been the best out of all the people they’ve met over the years. Brenda understands what it is like to be in April’s position because she was once the third person. Now it is up to April to prove she wants to be in this family and they are essentially building a new home for extra wives. They decide to take April to a winery for a more formal date.


This is something that Brenda has wanted to do for a while therefore April is happy they can finally connect on another level. As for intimacy, it is all about being on a serious level but they all have to agree on this. It has to be a serious relationship and yes, Steve has been intimate with April. At the winery, Steve loves being able to laugh and smile with both of the women. They go outside for a stroll and Steve gives his wife his coat as she is chilly. Eventually, she goes inside as she is too cold so it offers some alone time and a chance for a kiss. The affection made her nervous at first but now she is fine and Steve does love her. It is still hard for Brenda even though finding love is the goal.

The Davises Have Hopes And Dreams

Nick is on his first solo date with Danielle after they have only been on dates with his wives, April and Jennifer. He is trying to express that anyone they bring into the family needs to add and enhance not take away from the dynamic. Danielle says she can see herself in this type of arrangement for the rest of her life. Though she never imagined this so soon as she imagined college and roommates, this was all further down the line. However, it all makes her very happy and Nick reassures her that his wives really like her a lot and that is super important. Nick sees how optimistic she is but is curious about how she will be when a crisis occurs. He asks her if she would like to come back to the house to be intimate.


The wives are anxiously awaiting Danielle and Nick’s arrival home. They have a lot of questions but Nick says he and Danielle are going to have a “talk.” April and Jennifer will sleep in a different room for the night to give Danielle and Nick their space. Good luck to them.

Next week, the Joneses are back and they have found Arielle from the Philippines but they have yet to meet. Danielle really likes Nick but he needs to speak to April and Jennifer about everything moving forward. Marcus goes on a date but she says no one can clip her wings. He says he does not want to clip them, just possess them yet his wives debate with him about when he can be intimate with his potentials. Finally, Lea puts her foot down about her position in the household leading Garrick to wonder if there are red flags. Watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC. 

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