‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Meet The Merrifields’ New Conquest, Lea

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Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife was filled with twists and turns. One of them came from returning couple, the Merrifields. They have decided to add on another wife, alongside Roberta from Brazil. A potential is Lea from California and she seems extremely colorful and fun. Yet what else is there to know about her? Read on to find out.

The Merrifields Continue To Expand Their Seeking Sister Wife Empire

Dannielle was initially really trepidatious when Garrick introduced the idea of bringing in a second wife. He felt that this was something God had called them to do and he wanted to follow in his path. As for his wife of over a decade, she was not so sure about how it would work. She went and prayed on it for a long time and ultimately agreed to start the search. On a polygamist website, they found Roberta from Brazil. Immediately, there was a connection and they all met up in Mexico. On the second night, Garrick proposed and he and his wife went home to Colorado to get a divorce. They felt it would be easier for Bert to come to America on a fiancee visa. Two more trips to Mexico followed but it was still taking too long.


About a year ago, they returned to Mexico for a non-legal commitment ceremony. Eventually, a year went by and Bert still had not come to America though her visa was approved. Dannielle started to feel that she wanted to add a third wife into the mix. It just seemed right for her so she would have someone to hang out with when Bert and Garrick were together. Bert did not like this idea yet Garrick could see both sides. That was when they met Lea from California. There was an immediate click between the three of them so, at the end of the season premiere, the Merrifields flew to see her. Just who exactly is this potential third wife?

Meeting Lea

According to the show, Lea is a thirty-year-old nurse, has a son, and grew up in a plural family. She has also been in a plural relationship but it did not work out yet she hasn’t given up hope. Now Starcasm has even more details on the potential third wife. They all met via social media and courted for a few weeks before all meeting up. Her hometown is Portland and finished nursing school two years ago (go Lea!). As for her son, he will be ten this summer and his dad is still very active with him. Lea was not so lucky growing up.


Roughly ten years ago, an article came out about her life. Her mother was a drug addict and, as a result, she and her sister ended up in the foster system at just seven. She traveled to multiple foster homes, experiencing all types of unimaginable abuse. At nineteen, she got pregnant but just as she was forging a relationship with her biological dad, he was killed. Her mother also passed recently. Along with being a nurse, she has a side gig selling THC-infused adult treats. It has seemingly been on pause for about a year but maybe the show will reactivate it. She seems like an overall genuine girl.

It does not appear she has made any big moves to the newly built Merrifield mansion but time will tell. What do you think of Lea? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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