‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Roberta Breaks Away From Merrifields?


Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife has just begun. A lot has been discovered about where the Merrifields stand with their sister wife Roberta. However, all of that has seemingly changed since filming wrapped. So, what is their current status? Read on to find out more.

Seeking Sister Wife Fills In The Merrifield Blanks

Last season, Garrick and Dannielle had taken drastic steps so that they could bring their potential sister wife Roberta to America. Since she resided in Brazil, they felt it best to divorce so she could get a fiancee visa. After they did that, they met up with her for a second time in Mexico. This visit was so that she could get closer to Garrick and they could start wedding planning. Unfortunately, Dannielle was ill-prepared for the jealousy she was about to experience. Especially after she learned the couple had been intimate on the first night there. They had invited Dannielle to stay in their room but while she was grabbing her pajamas, they did it quickly.


Bert felt so bad keeping it a secret that she confessed it to Dannielle who held back her hurt the best she could. On their third trip to Mexico, it was all about babymaking for Garrick and Bert. Covid had hit and it made them realize time is fleeting. Once the show returned, fans were desperate for an update. Yes, Garrick and Dannielle were still together and about a year ago, they had a non-binding commitment ceremony with Bert. Then, despite her visa getting approved, it had been a year since they saw her. Have the sister wives ultimately drifted apart?

Roberta Parts Ways With The Merrifields?

In the Season 4 premiere, Dannielle and Garrick revealed that Bert had gotten her visa but had been holding off. Her reasoning was that her mother was sick so she was holding off. This led them to start looking for an additional wife. Not necessarily to replace Bert though the waiting game was admittedly tough. It was more so that Dannielle would have someone to hang out with when Bert and Garrick were off doing their thing. They started their search for another wife and stumbled upon Lea from California. When Roberta learned of this, she was not happy at all.


They did meet up with Lea and it seemed to click but they did want to check in with Bert. It appears that Garrick and Dannielle do head to Brazil to check in Bert. There are still a lot of trust issues lingering between her and Dannielle and now a fan has found Bert. She friended her on Facebook and decided to ask if she was still with the Merrifields. Apparently, she has left that situation as she claimed she woke up and is happily living in Brazil without self-destruction and torture. It is uncertain if this is the real Bert as one Facebook follower asked if she could break the NDA.

If she is off living her best life in Brazil, would she even care? Looks like viewers will have to keep following this season to see how it plays out. Don’t miss Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC. 

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