‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Scandal Behind The Epps Family?

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Seeking Sister Wife returns next month with three new couples. One of the newbies is the Epps family, Marcus, Taryn, and India. They are looking to add on a third wife which is what the show is about. Yet it appears the family has some hidden drama that is now coming to the surface.

Meeting The Epps Family On Seeking Sister Wife– And Their Scandal?

A scandal should not even be a thing this year after what transpired in Season 3. Right as the season was progressing, original cast member Dimitri Snowden was under fire. A temporary restraining order had been filed against him and he was accused of harming Christeline Petersen. At the time, Dimitri and his wife, Ashley were courting Christeline as well as Tayler Middelton on the series. Viewers did not know what to think. They did not know if Christeline and Dimitri would last let alone get married. In the end, Christeline went into hiding, Ashley left him, and more people came out about Dimitri’s poor behavior.


Now, meet Marcus, Taryn, and India Epps from Miami. They are apparently social media influencers who have a penchant for fashion. The family is all about motivational speeches and hashtagging. At the time, which was early last month, Backwoods Barbi had an off feeling about them. It seems she had their number because now, she has some interesting information regarding the throuple. This makes fans wonder why TLC is not vetting these people better. So, what has she learned? Time to spill the tea.

The Truth Behind It All

So here is the deal, according to Backwoods Barbi. Marcus is or was a Councilman and he was apparently charged with numerous housing violations. One of the duplexes that he owns caught fire because he “neglected” to take care of it. It is uninhabitable including the connecting duplex. That is now infested with rodents but Epps believes this is just a political attack. To add to this, Marcus was also involved in operating an illegal after-hours club where a 2020 murder occurred. There is still an open investigation and BB wants Marcus to seek the truth, not on SSW.


So, what do her followers have to say?

  • “I will be reaching out to TLC. I do not like that they did not vet this man before putting him on the show. That’s just wrong.”
  • “Get him off TV they need to do a better job of investigating people before they put them on TV they wouldn’t have this problem in the first place if they did!”

The network has a little over two weeks to make a decision if they will keep the Epps family or cut them. At this point, they may cause more harm than good.

Do you think they should be edited out? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife returning on June 6th on TLC.


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  1. This man is a Tool. I live in the City where he is a councilman. He’s got an excuse and a card to play for all of his BS. He needs to go. The part of the city he represents needs to Do Better, Problem is THEY don’t Know any better.

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