‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Fans Bash The Davis’ Family Dynamic

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Amanda Lauren

Viewers met the Davis family on the Season 4 premiere of Seeking Sister Wife. They were quite different than any family the show has seen before. Fans had a lot to say about their way of life and they had no problem verbalizing their concerns.

The Davis Family’s Seeking Sister Wife Dynamic

This is not your average plural family. Nick and April met when they were in college and dated for fourteen years. Yet he has been interested in polygamy for fifteen years. To him, he had too much to go around for just one woman. A little over four years ago, April met Jennifer at work and they just clicked. She loved Jennifer’s energy and ended up introducing her to Nick. From there, they saw that this was something special thus their family began to grow. Unfortunately for them, they could not legally wed as a trio. So, Jennifer and April tied the knot but took Nick’s last name. They believed that this would unify the family as one.


As for how the family functions daily, it is their belief that the women are the breadwinners and Nick is a stay-at-home father. April entered the relationship with Nick as a mom of a six-month-old, William. Both she and her sister wife have amazing jobs so they can more than support the household. Nick, for his part, stays at home, is the trophy husband, and he thinks. Then he shares his knowledge with his wives at the end of the day which they just adore. They are now attempting to bring a third wife, Danielle into the family but fans are very conflicted as to how this whole situation works. It appears they are not too keen on the nuts and bolts of it all and for good reason.

Stay-At-Home Father, Questionable Life Choices?

Being in a polygamist family on a reality show leaves it open for public scrutiny. However, the Davis’ have such an interesting dynamic and fans were not down with it by any means. First off, they questioned if Jennifer was ‘groomed’ into polygamy, according to Meaww. This is based on the fact that she was most likely nineteen when she initially met April. “JEN WAS 19??????????? This is grooming…. #seekingsisterwife,” one viewer tweeted. Yet that was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to attempting to make sense of the familial oddities.


Fans were further baffled by Nick being a stay-at-home dad to a boy who was well into his teens. More so, he does not work, is not married to either woman so he has no financial obligation to anyone in the home. “Wait the wives married each other? Ahh so he has no financial obligation to anyone. Got it! #seekingsisterwife,” one tweeted. Another added: “Oop they lost me with him being a stay at home husband!!! Wtf??? So what is the plus side here if he’s not taking care of y’all?” It will be interesting to see what happens if and when Danielle decides to join the family and learns the rules.

What do you make of Nick, April, and Jennifer? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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