‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Sneak Peek: Will April Be The Foley’s 3rd?


Last week on the Season 4 premiere of Seeking Sister Wife, viewers met the Foleys. They are just an average couple who have been together for eight years. However, they have a special addition to their family named April. At least, husband Steve is hoping that April will join him and his wife Brenda. In this sneak peek for tonight’s episode, he and April will get some time alone to see if anything will come of their romance.

Getting To Know The Foley Family On Seeking Sister Wife

Steve was part of the Mormon church when he married his high school sweetheart. They had two kids together but did not think about bringing in another wife as it was solely for religious purposes. One day, they were out when they came across Brenda. She was new in town and they all just clicked. It started out as a group friendship yet there was a spark within and eventually, the Foleys and Brenda asked the inevitable question. Was this more than just friendship? Had they crossed the path into dating? It worked well but his wife’s family did not take all that well to their situation. Therefore, she parted ways with the situation and left. This hurt them both very deeply as they believed everyone was happy.


Now they are searching for a new partner and they have hopefully found her in April. She is 21 which is a bit of a dip as Steve is 42 and Brenda is 38. Brenda has some insecurities about the age difference but it does not bother the other two. April is worried about Brenda’s feelings while Brenda feels she and April haven’t connected on a deeper level. Steve seems to really like what he has with these two women but it is going to take some trust and time. Can this work? Time will tell and now Steve and April are going on a date but how will this play out?

A Couple Turned To Throuple

In a clip from this week’s episode, April, Steve, and Brenda are venturing out on a group date together. They all go wine tasting, something they have talked about for a while. It starts to get cold so Brenda heads inside. Admittedly, she and April have struggled with their communication which could be a setback. Steve is seen walking away with April, excited to get some private time with his new love interest. As Brenda is inside sampling wines, Steve uses this time to make his move and kisses April.


April admits that getting affection from him now feels a lot more natural than it ever did before so that is a positive. Steve now openly admits that he loves April and it has gotten to that level. Sadly, it does not seem his wife is all that comfortable hearing this from him. Brenda is feeling jealousy issues and just hopes that this is all going to be worth it in the end. Do you think Steve’s feelings will be stronger for April than for Brenda? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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