Fans Obsessed With Tammy Slaton’s ‘Flaming Booty’ Tattoo?

Fans of TLC’s 1000-Lb. Sisters have always known that Tammy Slaton has an interesting sense of style. Recently, fans on Reddit got into a lengthy discussion about just how interesting her tastes are. While viewers have always been aware that the reality personality had numerous tattoos, not all of them were blatantly showcased in the series. Recently, a few of her fans on social media spotted a tattoo they had never seen before. Her followers were disturbed enough by her body art that they have been talking about it since. What about Tammy Slaton’s body art is bothering her fans? Read on to get the dirty details.

Tammy’s Tawdry Tat

Ever since the show ended, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans have been closely following Tammy Slaton on social media. At the wrap of Season 3, Tammy had finally agreed to put herself back in rehab for her food addiction. She readmitted herself back into the intensive program right before the holidays last year – and has been an inpatient in the facility ever since.

With the show on hiatus, show fans are doing their best to keep up with Tammy the only way they know how – through her social media.

The hefty TLC reality star has quite a following on TikTok and enjoys making short clips and videos for her followers. She also uses her social media to update her fans and let them know how she is doing.

Recently, one of Tammy’s followers was checking in on her via social media and noticed a tattoo on the celeb’s arm that she’d never noticed before. The viewer grabbed a screenshot and shared it with other show fans on Reddit. Since the post went live, fans have been debating about what the tattoo is supposed to be. The consensus is that her followers were quite put off by the tattoo and they had quite a bit to say about it.

Photo Credit: TLC

Tammy’s Tats Cause Controversy

While the picture Tammy’s follower captured and shared on Reddit is a bit blurry – it wasn’t too hard to figure out what her mystery tattoo was.

Right there, on Tammy’s girthy upper arm was a flaming hot rear end. Nope, not kidding. Tammy Slaton has a tattoo on her arm of a large rump encased in flames. The inked derriere is wearing a string thong.  Some fans theorize it to resemble a ‘T’ for Tammy.

Show fans immediately launched into a lengthy Reddit conversation about tattoos – and they certainly did not lack in opinions.

While this is the first time that fans are seeing this particular piece of body art, it’s not the first time Tammy’s tats have earned her some notoriety. Last year, in an episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters, Tammy wore a pink tank top that showcased a tattoo on the left side of her chest.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Unfortunately, the small multi-hued tat was a bit blurred on-screen and numerous fans were under the impression that she had another set of private parts tattooed on her when in reality it was a flower and a butterfly.

What Did Fans Think About Tammy’s Flaming Hot Booty

In the original Reddit thread where the photo was posted, fans bantered back and forth discussing what they thought the tattoo resembled. Several thousand comments filled the thread, each one more creative than the last.

“It used to be the Mona Lisa,” mused one reader, “but then she got super morbidly obese to the 50th power.”

“I see testicles wearing a visor with crazy hair on top,” said another, “Appears to be a golf club resting against the balls for some reason. Can’t imagine Tammy is an avid golfer.”

Several other commenters felt the tattoo resembled a portrait of Food Network star, Guy Fieri.

Do you think that the tattoo looks like a rear-end? Tell us in the comments.

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