Real Reason Amy Halterman’s Photos Are Always Blurry

Amy Halterman - Instagram

Amy Halterman’s most recent update into Gage’s life on Instagram had fans asking one question: why are her photos always blurry? The question in the comments of Amy’s most recent post was flooded with responses as 1000-Lb. Sisters fans dug deep to find the answer.

One very compassionate fan tossed in an answer to the question that made a lot of sense. Could what this fan had to say be the real reason Amy Halterman’s photos are always a bit blurry?

Amy Halterman – YouTube

The TLC star really struggles with Instagram

As we’ve previously reported, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans wish someone would take the time to teach Amy Halterman how to use Instagram properly. Fans have noticed Amy almost always double posts whenever she uploads photos with an update to her profile. This does not include her pregnancy updates.

Though, fans suspect there is some third-party app involved in those updates. Whenever she shares a photo of Gage or an update on how he is doing, she almost always publishes her update twice.

amy halterman youtube
amy halterman youtube

Turns out, however, that’s not really Amy Halterman’s only issue with Instagrams. Fans note she is notoriously bad at taking photos. Fans complain about her photos always being blurry. They also take issue with the photos of Gage not being focused on Gage. In some photos, he’s even been partly cut out of the frame.

Is Amy Halterman just really bad at taking photos? Turns out, that may not be the case. One fan proposed a pretty compassionate reason why Amy’s photos come out blurry and messed up. And, this reason made a lot of sense.

Amy Halterman - Instagram
Amy Halterman – Instagram

Why does Amy Halterman take bad, blurry photos?

In the comments of her post, one fan was quick to remind everyone else that Amy Halterman had some pretty significant issues with her vision. As those who watch the show know, Amy is considered to be medically blind in one of her eyes. It is safe to assume that taking photos with limited vision is a difficult task.

she has really really bad vision, she’s medically blind I believe she’s said before. She can see a bit but I bet shes not even able to drive. So she might not realize at the time the photos are blurry and then later sees that they are. I can’t imagine she intentionally tries to capture moments with her son all in blur. But probably still wants to share with everyone the photos she did capture.”

The fan who tossed the theory into the mix noted they don’t believe Amy really wants to capture blurry pictures. They just suspect she’s doing the best she can. Another fan added that Amy is likely enjoying living her life with her son and doesn’t care if her pictures come out perfect or not.

Amy Halterman - Instagram
Amy Halterman – Instagram

Do you think this reasoning for her blurry photos makes a lot of sense? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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