Unexpected Kody Brown Sighting In Tulsa, Rumors Confirmed?

Kody Brown and the Sister Wives

There was an unexpected Kody Brown sighing in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Sister Wives fans are thrilled by this sighting as they believe it has also confirmed a rumor that has been swirling for a while.

Sister Wives fans have long wondered what Kody Brown does to support his extended family. Now, this unexpected Kody sighting has put some perspective on what he does for a living and cleared up the rumors. Read on to find out what the Sister Wives patriarch is doing for a living right now.

How does Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown make money?

After all the seasons of the TLC reality show, it is somewhat surprising that fans don’t know what Kody Brown does to make a living. Rumors have been swirling that he works with guns. Likewise, he’s also mentioned on Cameo he works with precious metals.

Kody. Robyn and Janelle
Kody. Robyn and Janelle [Image The List/YouTube]
Fan Reddit, r/TLCsisterwives recently spotted a post on Facebook and decided to share it with the world. A recent rumor had said that Kody deals in guns for a living and that rumor turned out to be true. A Facebook member spotted the father working a booth at a gun show and shared images on the platform. Now those same images can be viewed on a Reddit post.

Kody Brown sells guns

While Sister Wives have long wondered what Kody does to provide for his three wives and 18 children. Back in March, Kody and Christine’s son Paedon dropped a major bombshell on his TikTok followers. He revealed that his father did, indeed, have a job outside of the TLC reality show.

Kody Brown And Janelle Brown On Sister Wives [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
However, Paedon didn’t say exactly what his father does for a living, but he did note that Kody’s job could be considered controversial. After this, some Sister Wives fans did some digging and figured out he is selling guns and ammunition.

Evidence of the Sister Wives star’s job

One Reddit member found out that Brown is listed as president of a firearms and accessories store in Utah. According to public records, he founded the business back in 1997, but the business has since closed down. Despite this, Kody has been seen at various gun shows across the country.

It was on April 4 that a fan posted a series of photos of Kody Brown, manning a booth at a gun show. The caption to the images reads, “A unexpected Cody [sic] sighting!” The Reddit post is included here:

Saw this on FB, just confirming the rumors he sells guns
by u/popsiclestickz in TLCsisterwives

The fan wrote in their caption that they live in Southwest Missouri. She wrote that her husband had spent the past weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for the annual gun show. Moreover, the fan revealed that the gun show is a massive event, with more than 4,000 tables on display.

The individual clarified Kody appeared to be selling gun parts and rare coins.

What else does the Brown family do for a living?

While the Brown family earns good money for their appearance on Sister Wives, it has never been revealed what Kody does besides reality TV. However, the TLC reality show, which is heading for Season 17, has revealed details of Kody’s wives’ business ventures.

Fans will recall that Meri Brown, Kody’s first wife, is now running her late mother’s Bed & Breakfast in Utah. Meanwhile, Janelle, Brown’s second wife, has launched a retail business, NTYK, LLC. As for his Robyn Brown, managed a jewelry business, My Sisterwife’s Closet. The Sister Wives stars also dabble in several MLM business ventures.

While Kody’s employment has never been mentioned on Sister Wives, hopefully, Season 17, which is filming now, will reveal more of his career.

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  1. I hope he is screening who he sells to. And Meri is not running her late mothers’ B&B. Her mother was living at Meris B&B. Then her daughter Moriah and her partner took it over during Covid so Meri could have her mother stay with her and be safe. All the wives sell Lularoe except Robyn. Robyns Jewelry and Sister Wives Closet are both closed.

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