‘Sister Wives’: Does Kody Brown Hate Dogs?

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Sister Wives fans watched as Kody Brown refused to buy Robyn’s girls a puppy during the pandemic. They had missed pivotal birthdays and moments in school. Furthermore, they had followed all of his pandemic protocols so a puppy was the least he could do. Yet, he went on to call it an inconvenience. Now viewers are further wondering if he just flat-out hates dogs.

Sister Wives History With Dogs

When the series first began, the Brown family had a big rescue that Janelle had gotten for Meri. She saw him and immediately brought it home for her sister wife. It seemed to fit in perfectly with the family and everyone loved the pup. As time went on, animals were not truly featured on the show anymore after that first episode. However, once the family really became distant, even more than in Las Vegas, the wives made their own home choices. In Flagstaff, it seemed pets were talked about much more and showcased on social media. For example, Janelle has a dog who she is obsessed with. She cuddles and trains her while bragging at the same time. As for Christine, if it was not for her nosy cat, the intimacy issue with Kody never would have come up.

A marriage is about to happen in the Sister Wives Brown family
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Kody was putting up a new door to keep the cat away from her LuLaRoe inventory. That was when Christine asked if the door was going up to keep the cat away or keep the intimacy out. From there, the couple’s twenty-plus-year marriage officially took a dive. Meri is clearly a dog lover and she features them all of the time. Finally, it was Robyn’s older girls who really wanted a puppy. Maybe it was because Kody was spending all of his time there that he denied them their wishes. Yet, he just seems to not want to deal with any extra responsibility and might not like man’s best friend.

Kody Brown Sister Wives Youtube
Kody Brown Sister Wives Youtube

Man’s Best Friend But Not Kody’s?

A Redditor posted a Sister Wives clip from Season 13 where the wives and Kody are talking about how Christine gifted Gwen a dog. By this time, they all lived in their own homes. Janelle feels you should just bring the pup home whereas Kody believes that is a way to cause a rift in a marriage. For her part, Robyn says she has never crossed that line but Janelle thinks you should just go for it. Fans were shocked at Kody’s reaction to this and had a lot to say, especially when Christine couldn’t prevent a massive eye roll. “If he is only supposed to be at each wife’s house 25% of the time, why would he care if she has a dog? She and the kids should have that void 100% of the time because he wouldn’t like it the 25% he’s there?” one noted.

Another added: “It’s amazing the stuff we see now when we watch that was always there from the beginning. I can’t stand Kody. Ugh.” This was followed by: “This is so uncomfortable. Kootie is such a jerk. It’s a dog for crying out loud. A dog causing a rift in your marriage? Your marriage must be pretty terrible I guess.” Essentially, everyone felt that both Kody and Robyn are awful for the way they reacted to the dog situation. Moreover, they believe Robyn was sad for feeling she could not cross a line for fear of his retaliation.

Do you think Kody hates dogs or just does not like anyone stepping on his toes? Let us know in the comments.

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