‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Living A Dog’s Life?

Sister Wives Credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has taken to doing her own thing since moving to Flagstaff. She has never been one to be controlled and has proven this even more since this move in 2018. Now she is showing she has a new partner who is helping her live her best possible life.

Janelle Brown- Sister Wives Controlled Mama

The one thing about Janelle was that she always seemed to be very much in control of her life. As the second wife, her job was always to work and handle the finances. This was something she actually enjoyed as she noted in the premiere episode of the series. Though she loved her six children with Kody, she preferred to be outside of the home. From early in the morning until the sunset, Janelle was a worker bee and it was a great balance. Third wife Christine raised the kids and made sure dinner was always on the table so Janelle could keep doing what she loved. There was also a time when Janelle stayed in a different state simply because her work was extremely profitable.

Janelle Brown and family via YouTube

While living in Las Vegas, she did not stop as she obtained her real estate license and eventually got into the health business. Down the line, she began dabbling in MLMs which allowed her to be more present at home. This became something she was much more invested in once her daughter Maddie Brush had her first baby. Being a grandmother softened her in ways many viewers had not seen so it was a welcomed change. Upon moving to Flagstaff, Janelle kept working on her businesses and tending to her home. During the pandemic, she stood up to her husband, Kody when he wanted to evict their two sons simply for having lives he did not approve of. It further showed why she was a force to be reckoned with.

Losing It All To A Dog

Though Janelle puts her heart and soul into her work and her family, even earning a trip to Disney World recently, she’s got another soft spot. Many of her posts have focused on a special love in her life- her pup. Recently, she noted she found her little buddy’s sweet spot. Now, she proudly admits she is living a dog’s life. Earlier the mom of six posted a photo of dog treats from her purse. In a comical post, she noted how her bag used to be filled with kid’s toys such as Legos and Polly Pockets. However, that has all changed mainly because she is working on some behavioral things with her pup. Therefore treats are a necessity.

Credit: Janelle Brown IG

Her followers could definitely relate. “Treats and poop bags in every pocket and bag. I wouldn’t have it any other way,” one noted. Another added: “Omg! That’s what I find in all my pockets, that and masks!” So clearly, Janelle is not alone. What is interesting is that Kody was very reluctant to allow Robyn’s kids to have a dog. Seems like they are truly the best gift.

Do you have pet treats on hand at all times like this Sister Wives mama? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I love janelle.but I think she would be much better whitout kody
    He is such an ass

    Only cares about cry
    baby Robin I dont like her

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