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TLC Tries Bribing Busby Family Not To Quit ‘OutDaughtered’?

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Some OutDaughtered fans wonder how TLC responded to Adam and Danielle Busby’s rumored decision to walk away from the network. Being an extremely popular series with a huge fan base, fans can only assume the network is doing what they can to hang on to the Busby family. This is exactly why some OutDaughtered fans think there might’ve been an ulterior motive to TLC’s recent action. What did the network do exactly? Keep reading and we’ll explain.

OutDaughtered From Instagram

Wait, Adam and Danielle Busby want to quit OutDaughtered? 

As we reported first, Adam Busby responded to a fan in the comments of one of his posts. The fan asked for an update on when the family would return to television. Adam gave a rather somber response. He told the fan he and Danielle had some details to share on that question.

He promised they would make a video to explain their decision soon. Adam, however, added that he wasn’t sure how to tell fans about their decision. While he didn’t outright say the family would not be returning for another season. Fans just kind of put it together based on the way he spoke to them about it.

Danielle and Adam Busby/YouTube
Danielle and Adam Busby/YouTube

How is TLC trying to bribe the Busby family to stay?

Adam Busby took to Instagram a few hours ago to share a sweet update. Turns out, the network sent the Busby family a gift for the quints’ birthday. Adam uploaded a video of the girls playing with their new gift on both Instagram and TikTok. In the caption, he jested that those watching the video did NOT want to hear the actual audio he was listening to as the girls played with their new toy.

Outdaughtered Blayke Busby - Quints- Instagram
Outdaughtered Blayke Busby – Quints- Instagram

Turns out, the gift was a giant musical piano floor mat. Adam told fans in the comment that it did come with a volume dial and his girls really seemed to enjoy playing with it. The video featured the girls taking turns jumping, flipping, and rolling across it. Some of the girls even popped a squat in front of it and used their hands to jam on the keys.

Some fans, however, admit they can’t help but wonder if this gift was TLC’s way of trying to bribe the family not to leave the network. Some fans noted in the comments that the network would be mistaken not to make an effort to try to keep this family onboard.

Adam Busby - TikTok
Adam Busby – TikTok

One fan penned: “It’s puzzling how TLC is letting the very best family show slip away. UNLESS Mom & dad wanted a better environment for their family and I TOTALLY AGREE! HOWEVER it is difficult to not be selfish , hoping y’all return to tv! Good luck either way!”

Fans remain hopeful that Adam and Danielle Busby’s family will remain on TLC. Unfortunately, there is nothing fans can do but wait for the family to shed some light on if OutDaughtered has been canceled or not.

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