‘OutDaughtered’ Canceled? Adam & Danielle Busby Made A Decision

Adam Busby - Danielle Busby Outdaughtered

Rumors have been swirling for a while on Facebook that OutDaughtered has been canceled and will not be returning to TLC for a new season. Fans have pestered both Adam and his wife Danielle Busby for the truth. Finally, Adam Busby has responded to fans’ cries for answers. The TLC personality shed some light on the future of the series. Sadly, his answer wasn’t exactly what fans were looking for.

Adam and Danielle Busby make a decision

In response to a question about the future of OutDaughtered, Adam Busby tells fans he and Danielle need to make a video soon to explain what is going on. The TLC father added that he would love to answer in the comments but his answer was far too complex to type into the comment section of his post. Adam Busby continued to reassure fans that they would explain their “thought process” on their decision and why it took so long for them to address whether OutDaughtered was canceled or not.

Adam Busby made it a point to add that he and Danielle were “100 percent” solid on the decision they have made and nothing would change their minds. He continued to reassure fans this difficult decision was made with the best interest of their children and their family in mind.

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OutDaughtered canceled?

Now, Adam didn’t really reveal what their decision was. But, his somber response didn’t sound like a person excited to discuss the series returning for another season. In fact, Adam’s post sounded like a man trying to find a way to tell his loving and adoring fans that they have decided not to return to TLC for another season of OutDaughtered. As fans recall, Courtney and Eric Waldrop of Sweet Home Sextuplets recently made the same decision it appears Adam and Danielle are making.

Sweet Home Sextuplets was canceled after Courtney and Eric decided it was time for their children to start living their lives without being in front of a camera so much. Based on what Adam Busby has already said, fans can assume he and Danielle have made a similar decision for their girls.

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Fans react to potential cancelation

OutDaughtered fans that spotted Adam’s comment were quick to react to it. Many admit they suspected the series would not be returning for another season. Fans noted that while they were devastated they wouldn’t be able to watch their favorite show anymore, they respected Adam and Danielle’s decision. Filming and production for a reality TV show with so many children likely drains Adam and Danielle. Plus, their girls are starting to grow up and could be looking for a little more privacy.

OutDaughtered From Youtube

At this point, all fans can really do is hope Adam and Danielle Busby will continue to post updates on their lives via social media to make up for the show being canceled. Considering Adam’s love for filming, fans assume he will continue to upload videos to their YouTube channel for fans to enjoy.

Are you bummed it appears as if OutDaughtered has been canceled? Why do you think Adam and Danielle decided to pull the plug?

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  1. Cute girls but as they mature need more privacy. The storylines get old. I do think Hazel the biggest star of all. She will go far.

    1. I think it’s gone way beyond the time for them to stop. The kids are big now, not cute babies and they basically use the show to get paid vacations. I don’t think Hazel is any more of a star than the others. I think she has the least star appeal.

    2. I agree the girls are getting older and wanting privacy. As adorable as Hazel is, all the girls are equally adorable!!! Let’s not for get the best big sister ever, Blake….she sets a great model for her siblings to follow. Miss the show and love all of you!!

  2. I love the show

    In loving memory of Brooke Haulbrooks wyatt 39 bff hero. Passed away on February 23,2021 at Spartanburg Regional Gaffney sc hospital from covid 19 .

    In loving memory of Rebecca Lynn Bell 41 diabetes and an eating problem hero bff passed away on April 2,2021 at home in Blacksburg sc

    They were like sisters to me a part of my family

  3. “All” the girls were sweet & loving. Great parents & family support, especially the Uncle. Will miss seeing them all, especially the girls as they grow up. The parents r no doubt doing this for the children’s benefit.

  4. An occasional update photo is good enough. I think its the right decision with kids in “big school”
    I mean….with 6 kids

  5. I will certainly miss the show, but I am happy the kids will have a chance to grow up with some normalcy. I also think Danielle needs less stress in her life based on what has been said about her autoimmune disorder and the pain she is in on many days. I too suffer from an autoimmune disorder and doubt I could find the strength and energy that she does to deal with 6 young children never mind adding in filming for a TV show. God Bless Busbys

  6. Beautiful family, and such joy watching the kids’ developing personalities each so different from their sibs. The parents’ decision to end the show was a good one because it could not last forever and they had to consider the girls privacy . Still It was “addictive” and there was the usual “withdrawal” effects but the brought pleasure and happiness to all who watched them. And personally I also liked when the focus (although short) was on their cute cousins and their close relationshipsvwith the sibs. To sum up – it beat all other “reality TV progs”. Thanks DISCOVERY

  7. I think it could be Danielle’s illness could be the cause of the cancellation. It’s a big job raising 6 children and caring for a large home and getting all the girls into their own activities. Bess the family.

  8. I miss the show but am so proud of their decision to now keep their privacy and let the kids grow up in a normal fashion. An occasional picture in years ahead would be lovely. I pray for this sweet family , they are wonderful parents and the kids are so sweet, so cute. I’d never pick one over another, they are all good people and cute kids. Let’s enjoy having seen them as toddlers and beautiful Blake who looks so much like her pretty mom. Thank you Busbys for sharing your home. I won’t be around that much longer but you will all be in my heart. With love, Ginny

  9. I really love the show and will miss seeing everyone. I completely understand about the girls privacy and am Praying for Danielle’s health.Adam and Danielle have done a great job with all the girls.Going to miss all pf you.

  10. Ii. Use to watch TLC 24/7 but the shows lately suck ,they should bring back some of their wholesome shows sextuplets, little people that would do it for me!

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