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‘SW’ Christine Brown Has Always Rebelled Against Kody?

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Christine Brown showed she did not really care what her husband Kody said or thought in Season 16 of Sister Wives. Fans were both shocked and stunned by this behavior. Yet, had the former third wife always been this way? Was she always the rebel sister wife all along?

Christine Brown- History Of Rebellion

Though she was initially the most passive wife, Christine’s tune eventually changed as the seasons went on. Viewers first met the Brown family over twelve years ago and the original three wives played very different parts. Meri was known as the first and only legal wife. This was her claim to fame but more so, she helped to “recruit” the others. She had known the other two wives prior to them entering the family so her friendship was an asset. Second wife Janelle was the workhorse so she was gone from morning until the evening and she liked it that way. Luckily, third wife Christine was the happy homemaker who cooked, cleaned, and helped to raise all of the children. Eventually, she started to see she was living for everyone but herself.

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When Robyn entered the picture, she was so in love with Kody that she was able to start picking up Christine’s slack, as Kody would later share. Christine started doing things for herself and saying no when it did not suit her lifestyle. Apparently, she often threatened to leave Kody as the plural lifestyle was very challenging. She would address her stress with her husband but he would just brush it off or get angry. Finally, she got tired of Kody dictating what she could and couldn’t do, especially when his pandemic protocols came out. They pushed her beyond the limits and she was going to do what she wanted when she wanted as long as she was safe. He did not like it but she did not care. Has Christine always been the rebel?

Living Her Own Life?

In a resurfaced Sister Wives clip, a Reddit thread was started over whether or not Christine Brown had always been a rebel when it came to Kody. They are sitting on the couch for a confessional and are discussing Ysabel’s scoliosis curve number. Of course, he thinks he is right. At the same time, she is adamant about her position. Soon, he is just determined to not be wrong and a Redditor notes she has to breathe a certain way to avoid attacking him. The common thread is that everyone just wants to punch him in the face for his behavior. Yet Christine never backed down so that shows she always stuck to her convictions.

Kody Brown and Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Kody Brown and Christine Brown [Image Entertainment Tonight/YouTube]
“The way he pushed his arm into her to shush her. How did she not slug him?” one Redditor asked. Another added: “He’s suuuuch a boob! Can he not argue every little point and pick apart each word like a teenager? He’s so used to controlling her, I cannot be happier she left him.” Since Christine moved back to Utah, she has been glowing and living her best life. She can be who she truly wants and if that’s a rebel, so be it.

Do you think Christine Brown was always the rebel sister wife? Let us know in the comments.

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