Janelle Brown Shares Rare Shot Of Ysabel & Evie Together

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Sister Wives star Janelle Brown shared a rare photo of her granddaughter Evie and Christine Brown’s daughter Ysabel. Read on for all the details.

Janelle Brown reveals where she stands with former sister wife Christine

Weeks before Season 16 of Sister Wives was set to premiere on TLC, Christine Brown shared shocking news with the world. After more than 20 years together, she was leaving Kody Brown.

Viewers saw the split play out on the show. But one question that remains is if Christine will keep in touch with her former sister wives and the extended plural family.

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Janelle Brown and Christine Brown/Credit: TLC YouTube

Janelle Brown put the questions to bed with her latest post on social media. Kody’s third wife took to Instagram to share the sweetest photo of Christine’s daughter Ysabel with Janelle’s granddaughter Evie. 

In the caption, Janelle revealed that she was in Florida with Christine and several of the Brown kids. Why? The TLC reality star moonlights as a promoter for the weight loss supplement Plexus.

Janelle’s daughter Maddie Brown Brush and Christine also promote the supplement. Janelle wrote that they were all at the Plexus Leadership Retreat.

Rare photo of Evie Brush and Ysabel Brown

The Leadership Retreat wasn’t just for the adults only. They brought along some of their kids, too. Janelle shared a rare photo of Ysabel and Evie cuddling together poolside.

After her spinal surgery in 2020 to correct scoliosis, Ysabel Brown moved to North Carolina for college. She lives with Janelle’s daughter Maddie and her family. Maddie’s family includes her husband Caleb, 4-year-old son Axel, and 2-year-old Evie.

In the sweet photo, Evie rests her head on Ysabel’s shoulder. Janelle wrote, “I just loved this shot of Evie and Ysabel.

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Ysabel Brown and Evie/Credit: Janelle Brown Instagram

And so did her followers. Fans flooded the comment section to express how adorable they found the photo. “I love the relationship you and Christine have and the bond between the kids,” one person wrote.

Several of Janelle’s followers mentioned how much Ysabel looks liked Christine in the photo. One comment said, “Ysabel looks like a young Christine. Love it!

Janelle didn’t share if Savanah, Truely or Maddie’s son Axel went on the trip. Keep an eye on her social media for more photos from the retreat.

What about the other Sister Wives?

We know that Christine is still close with Janelle, but what about Robyn and Meri? Neither Janelle or Christine often share their interactions with the other sister wives.

However, Robyn did recently appear on Meri’s popular “Fridays With Friends” Instagram live stream series. In fact, the two seemed to hint that they were filming Season 17 of Sister Wives.

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