Janelle Brown Shares Special Secret To Losing Weight

Janelle Brown from Instagram

Things may be a little chaotic in the Brown household right now. But even so< Janelle Brown has some positive news to share. She’s letting her fans in on a special weight loss secret.

Keep reading to see what the Sister Wives star had to say.

Janelle Brown talks health and fitness on her social media channels

Janelle Brown has been pretty vocal about health and wellness on her Instagram page for a while. She frequently promotes her gut health community and wants to raise awareness about common medical issues.

In fact, she’s even made a business out of it. She has a professional page where she sells health and wellness products.

But what exactly is her secret to weight loss?

Janelle Brown/Instagram

If you want to know for yourself, it seems like you may have to message the Sister Wives star herself.

“When you feel amazing you can’t help but share the secret!” Janelle captioned her Instagram photo. “If you’re wanting to lose weight, gain energy, mental clarity, gut health – this is for you. Follow my gut health page or message me!”

She proceeded to link to her health page, @life_with_health_and_happiness.

Janelle Brown/Instagram

Janelle Brown has always been a little heavier than the other wives, but she seems like she really wants to make some lifestyle changes.

A healthy diet will go a long way for health and wellness goals. At the end of the day, this seems to be what Janelle Brown really wants to promote. Fans wish her a lot of happiness and success on her personal journey.

Are the Sister Wives stars still on good terms with one another?

If you watched the latest Sister Wives season, you know things are really starting to break down in the Brown household. Christine Brown left the family, which seemed to make a lot of problems worse.

Christine and Janelle have a pretty close friendship, so it was sad to see the sister wives split up. But even so, it doesn’t seem like there’s bad blood between the women.

Since Christine Brown left the family, she got her very own cooking show. Janelle Brown seemed to respond positively to the situation and wish her friend the best.

Janelle even occasionally features Christine on her social media pages. Fans hope to see this friendship continue to blossom even amid all the Brown family drama.

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