‘Sister Wives’ Ysabel Brown’s Scoliosis Surgery- How Is She Now?

Sister Wives Credit: Ysabel Brown IG

Sister Wives viewers have watched Ysabel Brown’s scoliosis journey for a handful of years now. She struggled with exercises to decrease the curvature of her spine. Sadly, surgery became necessary for her to live a comfortable life. A little over a year ago, she underwent the procedure. So, how is she feeling now that some time has gone by? She shared an update.

The Sister Wives Star’s Scoliosis Struggles

It all started when she was thirteen. Ysabel went to the doctor with her parents, Kody and Christine. Surgery had always been an option but they chose the more conservative option. Daily exercises would take up hours of the teenager’s day. She would dedicate her free time to decreasing the curve. It helped some. Unfortunately, over time it just was not enough.

Sister Wives ysabel brown
Sister Wives ysabel brown

By Season 15, Christine told Kody that Ysabel needed the surgery and could not hold off anymore. She was in so much pain, choices had been exhausted. For the best results, the procedure would take place in New Jersey. Being that COVID was brand new, Kody was all but supportive. He asked both Ysabel and Christine to postpone the surgery for at least six months.

This broke Ysabel’s heart as she could not take the pain. Furthermore, Kody would not be able to attend the surgery because it would mean he would have to quarantine for an extended period. He did not want to be away from his other wives and kids for too long. Fans felt he was extremely selfish for the way he treated Ysabel. Moreso, it was unfathomable he would not be there for her surgery. It did not seem to matter. Christine was doing whatever her daughter needed.

Ysabel’s Strong Fight

As viewers learned in episode two of this season, Ysabel was preparing for her surgery. She and Christine would be away for about six weeks, including quarantining from the family. Kody said he still wished they had waited another six months but it would occur in September of 2020 with fibers in lieu of rods. Christine even gave the okay for Ysabel to get a tattoo over her scar, not caring what Kody said.

Sister Wives Ysabel Brown Surgery Scar Bikini
Instagram Ysabel Brown

On the day of the surgery, Christine kept followers updated via Facebook then proceeded to thank them the following day for all of their prayers. A year later, to commemorate the journey, Ysabel posed in a bathing suit, her scar on full display. Christine also saluted her daughter’s strength. Around the same time, Ysabel took a big step in her life by moving from Flagstaff to North Carolina.

Maddie and Ysabel Brown via Instagram
Maddie and Ysabel Brown via Instagram

She is living with her sister, Maddie, and her family while she attends college. Though the surgery won’t help her one hundred percent, as Christine said, Ysabel is clearly living her best life. Now, Christine is doing the absolute same since she left Flagstaff and Kody, and moved to Utah.

Don’t miss Ysabel’s scoliosis journey on new episodes of Sister Wives every Sunday on TLC.



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  1. Kody Brown is a fake. He hides behind the 3 first wife’s. They are strong and as far as I can tell they raised their children while he played “big” man. If he was that concerned he would have been there for her surgery. Cry baby Robin can suck it up like the other woman have. Robin and Kody are sickening.

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