Janelle Brown Brags On Savanah

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Sister Wives star Janelle Brown brags on daughter Savanah. Why did the mom of six boast that she raised her kids right? Read on and we’ll explain.

Kody & Janelle’s youngest daughter turns 18 this year

Sister Wives viewers have literally watched the children of the Brown family grow up before their very eyes. Between his four wives, Kody Brown has 15 biological children. He also adopted Robyn’s three kids from a previous relationship, making him the father of 18 kids!

The Brown children range in age from 27 (Logan) to 6 (Ariella,) per Sister Wives Wiki. During their 29-year spiritual marriage, Janelle gave birth to six of Kody’s children. Their youngest daughter Savanah will turn 18 later this year.

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Janelle and Savanah Brown/Credit: Janelle Brown Instagram

In fact, Janelle has been documenting on social media that she’s been helping Savanah learn to drive.

However, that’s not what Janelle’s latest brag on Savanah is about.

Janelle Brown brags on Savanah

Over the weekend, Janelle took to her Instagram Stories to reveal she was housebound with Savanah due to snowy weather. The reality star posted a short clip of what she heard from the kitchen.

While they were “tucked inside,” Savanah decided to watch some old Star Trek episodes. Janelle wrote that she heard the theme song playing from TV.

In the short clip, Janelle beams as she listens to her daughter enjoying the classic TV show. “You know I raised them right,” Janelle added.

The humble brag about her parenting skills comes amid a tense Sister Wives season where Kody Brown questioned why she chose her kids over him. During the height of the pandemic, the family patriarch wanted his wife to kick their kids out of her home for not following his strict social distancing guidelines. However, his second wife refused, even telling him to “f*ck off” during an explosive confrontation on Season 16.

Sister Wives star shares her latest binge-watching habit

The dramatic season of the long-running TLC show ended with Christine Brown leaving Kody and the plural family. There was rampant speculation that Janelle and Meri would also leave. However, they both decided to stick it out, at least for now.

In a recent post to her Instagram, Janelle revealed one way she’s been decompressing since the tense season. The Sister Wives star has been binging the Amazon Prime Video series Reacher. The show is a reboot of the Jack Reacher movies.

The television personality further admits to being a “huge fan” of both the Tom Cruise movies and the books.

Furthermore, Janelle gushes that lead actor Alan Ritchson “is gorgeous.

Amazon show Reacher
Credit: Janelle Brown Instagram

TLC has yet to confirm the news, but Sister Wives is expected to return for Season 17, possibly later this year.

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