‘SW’ Christine & Kody Brown Split: See Official Statement

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Heartbreaking but anticipated news for Sister Wives fans as Christine and Kody Brown split up. Fans of the TLC series have speculated the couple was ending their relationship ever since the Season 16 trailer dropped. Just 25 minutes ago, Christine Brown took to Instagram to issue an official statement on their breakup.

Christine and Kody Brown split confirmed, see official statement

Christine Brown explained in her official statement that after nearly three decades of being with her husband Kody, they have grown apart. After growing apart, Christine made the difficult decision to leave her husband Kody.

Sister Wives Christine Brown Youtube
Sister Wives Christine Brown Youtube

The Sister Wives star explains that she and Kody will do what they have to do to continue to navigate their family. They will continue to make the best decisions for their children during this difficult time.

Christine Brown made the unsurprising decision to turn her comments off on this Instagram post. This move suggests she isn’t interested in hearing what Sister Wives fans have to say about her split from Kody Brown.

Christine Brown concludes her official statement confirming her split with Kody by asking fans for patience and understanding as they navigate this difficult next chapter of their life. Her statement suggests she and Kody are not interested in answering questions at this time.

See a screenshot of Christine Brown’s official statement down below:

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Sister Wives fans suspected this relationship was over

Sister Wives fans were not too surprised to learn Christine and Kody Brown have officially split up. Real estate records revealed Christine sold her home in Arizona and purchased a duplex for $1.1M in Utah.

As fans know, Christine and Kody’s older children live in Utah. So, her move to be closer to her older children makes sense. Likewise, Christine’s granddaughter Avalon also lived in Utah. And, fans completely understand Christine’s desire to be closer to that beautiful baby girl.

Christine Brown - Kody Brown youtube

Are you surprised Christine and Kody Brown split up or were you anticipating this heartbreaking news?

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  1. Very proud of Christina he was not living up to his polygamy relationship with any of his wives but Ros -then why fake believing he is and just live with her be honest not a coward

  2. This has to be a very difficult and heart wrenching decision for Christine and I am proud of her for sticking to her guns and doing what she feels is right for her and her kids! No one that doesn’t walk in her shoes could possibly understand. I wish her a wonderful life in the future with or without Cody and with or without sister wives!

    1. Good job Christine…alls that loser did was use all of you. Now Meri needs to be next…all the wives worked and Kodie used them. Move on and get your money back and run for the hills. Kodie used all their money until they got smart enough to keep their money and leave.

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