Meri & Robyn Brown CONFIRM Season 17 Filming

Meri And Robyn Brown Confirm Season 17 Filming [Screenshot | YouTube]

Both Meri Brown and Robyn Brown confirmed that they started filming for Season 17 of Sister Wives. The two went live on Instagram. They shared an update with fans and what the Brown family has been up to lately. The TLC series has been the center of cancelation rumors for years, but it will be back for another season.

Last year, Meri started her “Fridays With Friends” live stream series. She normally appears with her friend, Jen, who operates her bed and breakfast in Utah. Robyn photobombed her in her latest Instagram live. That’s when Kody Brown’s wives shared an important update with Jen and Meri’s followers.

Sister Wives Season 17 is currently filming

Robyn made a surprise appearance on Meri’s Instagram Live on Friday, January 7. Meri told her that she removed her mermaid necklace. She didn’t want to spoil to the fans that she attended Ariella’s mermaid-themed birthday party, which may be featured in the upcoming season. Meri asked Robyn to help her put the necklace back on. Then, she joked that the tabloids may report that Robyn’s trying to strangle her.

The ladies revealed that they’re filming Season 17 of Sister Wives. They laughed about turning off their microphones when going to the bathroom. They don’t want the crew members to hear unnecessary sounds. Meri recalled a time when the audio engineer commented about her bathroom sounds. Thankfully, the sound engineer is female, which made the situation less embarrassing. Robyn Brown and Meri Brown started filming the new season yesterday.

Robyn Brown, Meri Brown [Screenshot | YouTube]
[Screenshot | YouTube]
Meri’s friend, Jen, admitted that she doesn’t watch the show. Most of the Sister Wives cast don’t watch the show or read the fan reaction. They’re unaware of what the fans are talking about when the current season airs. They don’t want to get sucked into that kind of negativity.

Robyn wasn’t the only surprise guest on Meri’s Instagram live. Later on, in the live stream, Kody Brown and Solomon made an appearance. They revealed that they played Ariella’s favorite party game, which is called “Hide Your Assets.” Kody just wanted to inform Robyn that he finally learned how their surround system works.

Meri and Robyn Brown compare their marriages

For now, fans can watch Season 16 of Sister Wives. In Sunday’s episode, Meri and Robyn discuss their respective relationships with Kody. It’s clear that Robyn Brown has been Kody’s favorite wife. He’s even stayed with her amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Meri and Kody’s relationship continues to struggle. She feels that they will never get back to where they were before. However, Robyn feels positive about Meri and Kody. Rather than picking up where they left off, she thinks they can start fresh. Meri knows that Kody only sees her as a friend.

She also feels that she’s the outsider of the family. However, she looks like she’s still a part of the family in Season 17. It’ll be interesting to see how the relationship dynamics will continue to play out. What are your thoughts on Sister Wives being renewed for another season? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. They refer to their ‘lifestyle’…as being their
    ‘CULTure’ the operative word being ‘CULT’.
    They’re constantly referring to their ‘religion’ yet in one scene where they’re sitting around
    (social distancing) at
    Coyote Pass where Kody makes reference to the ‘experiment’ they tried being a failure…..

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