Meri Brown Offers To Take Kody Off Robyn’s Hands?

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Meri Brown has admitted she and Kody have nothing more than a friendship at this point. Sadly, she will take whatever little scarp she can get from him. In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Meri is seen practically begging to take him off Robyn’s hands. This comes after Robyn admits to Janelle she signed up for plural marriage, not monogamy, and Kody just won’t leave.

Meri Brown- Wife Hunter

Viewers may remember that Meri brought Robyn into the Brown family. She and Kody were out one night and they caught a glimpse of Robyn. At the time, Robyn was a newly divorced mother of three yet Meri encouraged Kody to ask her to dance. The two started courting and Robyn referred to Kody as her soul mate. They ended up tying the knot making her his fourth wife. Eventually, the couple welcomed in two biological children of their own and everyone seemed very receptive of her.

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She was even selfless enough to offer to be Meri’s surrogate as she struggled to have a second child. In return, Meri divorced Kody in 2014 so Robyn could legally marry him. This allowed for him to adopt her three children from her previous marriage. Sadly, things started to go downhill for Meri and Kody and nothing was able to fix it. Kody claimed he wanted Meri to court him but no matter how hard she tried, he refuted her.

Eventually, five years would go by and they admitted there was no relationship. She said fans told her to leave or asked why she was staying. This was her family and she had no intentions of ever leaving. At a family barbecue, Kody made her a s’more per Robyn and she was as giddy as a schoolgirl. When he came by her home to chat with her, Meri did not care what the subject was. She was just elated he wanted to speak. Now, Robyn has had Kody most of the pandemic and is ready to say “goodbye” with Meri right there waiting.

Robyn Over Kody

Even though she said she would follow whatever rules she need to in order to keep Kody in her home, it appears Robyn is having second thoughts. After Janelle came by to bring Robyn a birthday gift, she confided that she has had too much Kody. When she signed up for the marriage, it was plural marriage. Initially, she saw him one to two nights a week and that was enough. Now, he’s’ always there and he is not happy because of the issues and struggles within the family.

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Robyn also admitted she had other suitors who proposed to her but they wanted monogamy and that was not for her. Janelle shares when Kody came by for five days before Hunter left, that was a lot. In Meri’s confessional, she shares they can send Kody right over to her. She is more than happy to have him. Unfortunately, he has sent many clear signs he is in the friend zone with her.

Do you think Robyn is really sick of him? Furthermore, do you think he and Meri Brown can ever really work it out? Let us know and watch Sister Wives every Sunday on TLC.


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  1. The only thing Kody Brown could do that would surprise me…… actually it would shock the hell out of me…..would be if he started acting and behaving like a decent human being!

  2. I agree 100% he needs to grow up and become a man not a school boy with his Herrum. The only reason I watch the show is to see him fail

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