Sean Milliken Dies After Gaining 278-Lbs. In 2 Months

Fans of My 600-Lb. Life around the world has been saddened by the news of Sean Milliken’s death. The former TLC reality personality passed away in February. Viewers saw Sean accomplish huge milestones on his journey — at one point losing as much as 400 pounds. So what happened? Read on to get the details about Sean’s final days and what ultimately led to his untimely passing.

Sean Milliken The 1,000-Lb. Man

Fans of the hit TLC show, My 600-Lb. Life remembers Sean Milliken quite clearly. The former reality personality signed on to film during Season 4 of the show and continues to hold strong in memory for many fans because to date, he is still considered one of the heaviest people to have been on the show.

At his heaviest, Milliken weighed just over 1,000 pounds. He was only able to stand supporting his own body weight for about 30 seconds at a time. During early interviews for the show, he told producers that he typically had enough energy to ‘skooch’ himself to the end of his bed and get to the bathroom, but that was about it. He mused about how it was impossible for him to accomplish even the most basic tasks on his own so he let himself become nearly bedridden.

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Sean’s Life-Long Struggle

Sean initially signed on to the show in 2016 at the age of 26. At the time he weighed in at just under 920 pounds. According to interviews filmed early on, Sean had been struggling with food addiction from a young age. He reports having developed an unhealthy relationship with food during the time of his parent’s divorce. He acknowledged that food helped him get through the pain of the separation, leaving him over 150 pounds at just age ten.

During his time with the show, Sean Milliken was able to successfully lose more than 400 pounds. While definitely still in the obese category, he was making amazing strides toward being able to qualify for surgery. The weight loss had greatly improved his ability to breathe and gave him a range of movement that he hadn’t experienced in years. Unfortunately, all of that success was quickly sabotaged by Sean’s mother who continued to force unhealthy foods on him and encouraged him to ignore warnings and instructions from his doctors. This would eventually lead to Sean gaining all of the weight back and then some.

Shortly after, Sean’s mother would pass away of renal failure. Depression caused by her death only further derailed his weight loss journey.

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Sean Milliken Dead At Age 29

The former My 600-Lb. Life cast member passed away in February of this year. Sean’s health had been on the decline for some time. The constant extreme fluctuations in his weight put extreme stress on his heart and essential internal organs. According to Sean’s father, Matt Milliken, the former TLC reality personality was admitted to the hospital with an infection that caused fatal complications. The end result was a massive heart attack that took his life.

Sean’s father spoke to the media about what happened in his son’s final moments. “He was having problems with his breathing,” he said in his statement, “They were able to resuscitate him and a short time later his heart stopped.”

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Milliken passed away at age 29 weighing more than 900 lbs. Reports from various sources reveal that the former TLC personality gained 278 pounds over his last two months of life which could have easily contributed to his fatal cardiac issues.

The network has commented on Milliken’s passing saying, “TLC expresses its deepest sympathies to Sean’s friends and family at this difficult time.”

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  1. I recently watched this show & Sean’s unnecessary death broke my heart. Having raised a child on ‘The Spectrum’ it was pretty clear that Sean exhibited Autism signs & symptoms. If only the medical staff & unhelpful therapists had properly diagnosed him! It made me mad when Dr. Now accused Sean of playing games when he stated that he ‘felt stupid & couldn’t do anything right;’ self-doubt & negativity are not uncommon with Aspies. Sean was also abused in the past & thus had little confidence & self-worth. The death of his mom – the only person Sean felt ever loved him – even if she was not the best role model or caretaker – spiraled his life completely out of control [I don’t believe the mom has Munchhausen’s but was overcompensating]. What Sean needed most after the loss of his mom was love, kindness, hugs, and someone to talk through his grief, some company & activities to distract him from his loneliness. Sean should have had daily in-home care, guidance, and encouragement to show him how to become independent; not just dump him alone in some insufficient apartment. It is clear that he was heartbroken and lonely & the only thing that numbed the emptiness and pain was food; suicide by overeating. This absolute failure on the part of everyone involved still makes me cry. RIP sweet Sean & I hope you are reunited with your mom.

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