‘My 600-Lb. Life:’ Lisa Ebberson Says Dr. Now’s Diet Confusing, But Is It?

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During tonight’s episode of My 600-Lb. Life, Lisa Ebberson argues that Dr. Now’s diet is confusing. She claimed that after reading through the book she couldn’t understand what diet he was expecting of her. The question this leaves views with is pretty simple: Is Dr. Now’s diet that complicated? Is it confusion?

We decided to dive into it and here’s what we’ve been able to figure out.

Warning: May contain spoilers from tonight’s episode of My 600-Lb. Life.

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Lisa Ebberson argues Dr. Now’s diet is confusing

When it becomes clear Lisa is not making ANY progress with her weight loss, Dr. Now asks if she’s sticking to her die. Lisa admits she’s not sticking to his diet because it is confusing. She explains to Dr. Now that after reviewing his book and his material, she just isn’t sure what diet he wants her on.

Dr. Now fires back and argues his diet isn’t confusing she’s just trying to manipulate the situation by acting confused. He also asked what exactly was confusing about “eat less.”

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When Lisa Ebberson is just talking to the cameras and her boyfriend, she admits she’s not starting the diet today and sends him to the store to buy all sorts of goodies including sugary cereal, pizza rolls, chips, and cookies.

My 600-Lb. Life viewers agree Lisa might be one of the most infuriating cast members they’ve ever seen on the show. Some fans also questioned why she was on the show at all as it was clear she had no interest in even trying.

What exactly is Dr. Now’s diet, anyway?

Dr. Now’s diet is featured in every episode of My 600-Lb. Life. He encourages his patients to eat a high protein, low calorie diet. Dr. Now presents his cast members with the idea of eating 1,200 calories a day. He tells them they should eat no more than two or three meals a day. He also explains a meal should be roughly 400 calories.

Dr. Now also tells his patients snacking is not permitted on his diet. Likewise, he wants them to cut out carbs and anything containing sugar for the diet to be successful.

My 600 Lb Life Dr Now Youtube
My 600 Lb Life Dr Now Youtube

With patients weighing between 500 and 800 pounds, Dr. Now tells his patients they can lose anywhere from 40 to 100 pounds a month on his diet until they drop under 500 pounds. Once they dip under 500 pounds it becomes a little more difficult to lose large amounts of weight. So, weight loss surgery becomes a helpful tool.

Wait, is his diet in his book?

Dr. Now’s book is really more of a supplement to his diet. It is an extra resource he offers to all of his patients. Dr. Now explains there is a chapter on exercises for people with limited mobility. He also explains there is a chapter on recipes that are within the parameters of his diet.

Dr. Now’s book does NOT contain an assortment of diets. It is information. A resource. A tool to help the patients he puts on his low calorie, high protein diet.

Dr. Now’s book can be purchased on Amazon by clicking here. 

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Lisa Ebberson lied about the diet being confusing

Unfortunately, Dr. Now was right about Lisa trying to manipulate him into weight loss surgery. Toward the end of the episode, viewers did see Lisa Ebberson finally crack open his book and actually read it. Suddenly, the book and the diet were both less confusing.

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