‘600-Lb. Life’ Dr Now. Praised, Hitting David Nelson With Hard Question

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My 600-Lb. Life star Dr. Now is receiving high praise on Reddit this morning for hitting David Nelson with a hard, real question. TLC fans with Discovery+ allowing them to watch the episode early admit they were thrilled to hear Dr. Now ask the REAL question they’ve been dying to know the answer to.

What question did Dr. Now ask David Nelson that has My 600-Lb. Life fans buzzing? Keep reading for the details and spoilers!

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Fans rejoice as Dr. Now hits David Nelson with hard question

Dr. Now asked David Nelson a hard and real question that fans of My 600-Lb Life find themselves asking at the end of almost every single episode. After digging into his background and learning he didn’t have a job. Dr. Now questioned how David was able to afford all of the food he was eating. How did he pay for the food?

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David’s foster mother Robin was quick to jump into the conversation. She admitted that David spent all of the money he had on food. Unfortunately, it sounded as though she might be supporting all of the bills in addition to taking care of him minus his food bill. TLC fans on Reddit speculate he’s likely on disability as most of the cast members on the show are. And, he probably uses his disability money to pay for the food each month.

My 600-Lb. Life fans liked this cast member

Overall, My 600-Lb. Life fans were pretty happy with tonight’s episode of the series. They admit it was nice to see someone motivated and successful with their weight loss. Even if he did have some ups and downs during his journey. Viewers recognize he had a pretty rough life from the day he was born. And, they wonder how different things could have been for him if he had found Robin earlier in life.

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David Nelson did not find his mother Robin until he was 17 years old. So, he had already learned how to use food as a comfort long before she came into his life.

Do you appreciate that Dr. Now keeps it real and is brutally honest with his patients? Were you also happy he hit David Nelson with this question in particular? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on My 600-Lb. Life.

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