JoJo Siwa

When Candace Cameron Bure announced that shows and movies on the Great American Family network would not include LGBTQ+ representation, it caused a huge controversy with other Hollywood stars. Now, her own Full House co-star and friend Jodie Sweetin has chimed in. Here is what Jodie said after Candace’s pronouncements. Candace Cameron Bure causes controversy
JoJo Siwa took to TikTok half an hour ago and said “apparently I’m pregnant” in a very brief video. According to the caption of her video, she had just finished gymnastics prior to hopping on her social media profile to make this quick clip. She concluded her video with her usual gorgeous smile as she
It’s been a few months since JoJo Siwa shocked everyone by ditching her signature ponytail. According to Page Six, the former Nickelodeon star has wanted short hair since she was 7 or 8. Sadly, her mother wouldn’t allow it. According to her recent TikTok videos, her followers and fans noticed a bald spot on one side