JoJo Siwa Has A New Face Portrait Tattoo On Her Arm?

JoJo Siwa

It seems JoJo Siwa could have a new face portrait tattoo on her arm. Fans spotted this in a new photo and are shocked. JoJo has been receiving a lot of hate lately after she came out with her new song and style. She was also slammed after the Dance Moms Reunion due to things she said on camera. She does not seem to be a fan favorite and probably never will be.

JoJo Siwa Receives A Lot Of Hate

JoJo Siwa recently came out with a new song called “Karma”. Fans did not like the song, the dance moves, or the way JoJo looked in the video. Since then, she has been receiving a lot of hate for how she has been acting.

  • “JoJo, I understand you’re finding yourself, but get your butt off my screen,”
  • “I feel like she is going to try to emulate Miley Cyrus but will struggle to pull it off,”

This has not worked out the way she wanted it to. Fans have also been judgmental over the way she has been dressing.

JoJo Siwa new music video Karma / YouTube

Fans Spot New Portrait Tattoo

In JoJo’s Instagram post, she posted photos of her life lately. One of the pictures was of her getting a tattoo on her arm. However, the tattoo artist had a picture of her “Karma” face on an iPad. Fans think this means she is getting her face tattooed on her body. Yikes.

  • “Please tell me you didn’t get your face tattooed on your own arm … what?”
  • “Now that you pointed it out… she probably did,”
  • “I came here to say this,”
  • “Did she get a tattoo of her own face?”
  • “The cringe is real,”

It’s safe to say JoJo does not have fans support on this new tattoo. It makes sense that she got that tattooed due to the artist have a picture pulled up right next to him. Well, it is her body.

JoJo Siwa Instagram
JoJo Siwa Instagram

It seems to be possible that JoJo got her face tattooed on her arm. This did not sit well with fans, and they thought it was embarrassing for her. However, JoJo continues to live her life the way she wants to and is not going to apologize for it. She even said at the reunion that she tries not to regret anything in life. However, this may be something she regrets later on. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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