Abby Lee Miller’s True Thoughts On JoJo Siwa’s Transformation

Abby Lee Miller from her YouTube channel

Many Dance Moms fans remember JoJo Siwa getting her start on the reality show. Abby Lee Miller ran her dance studio with an iron fist. Now, many of her former students have gone on to superstardom.

After spending several years as an iconic children’s entertainer, JoJo Siwa is leaving her past behind. Now that she’s 20 years old, she’s making more mature content.

JoJo’s new “Karma” music video earned a wide range of mixed reactions from viewers. But what exactly did Abby Lee Miller think of her former student’s new image? Keep reading to get the scoop.

Abby Lee Miller Reacts To Her Former Student’s Big Transformation

When JoJo Siwa’s new music video dropped this week, some fans loved the dark new persona. However, many thought it was too provocative and wasn’t a good look. Although JoJo Siwa is free to change her image at any time, many felt the video didn’t send a good message since she still has so many young fans.

Abby Lee Miller from a YouTube interview with ET
Abby Lee Miller/ET

Now, Abby Lee Miller is adding her voice to the conversation. The Dance Moms star shared her reaction to the video across her social media channels.

“You all asked for it! Here we go.. reacting to @itsjojosiwa’s new single #Karma ✨😉 ” the dance instructor captioned her post. Although Abby has a reputation for being unnecessarily harsh with her students, she seemed pleasantly surprised with JoJo’s video.


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“Everyone is making such a big deal about her rebranding. JoJo is doing incredible dancing with a lot of paint on her face. It used to be stars and rainbows and pink and lavender and turquoise, and now it’s black,” Abby shared. “It’s still her doing incredible dancing, so I don’t know if it’s so much as a rebranding or just maturing, getting older, wanting to show another side of her.”

The Internet Reacts To The Controversial Video

Some of Abby Lee Miller’s fans agreed that “Karma” had a great music video. But others weren’t quite sold. Instagram users wrote:

  • “Definitely NOT a video my 11yr old needs to see.”
  • “I think the video is a little inappropriate. I know she’s trying to get out the ‘kid star’ phase but a lot of littles still worship her”
  • “So are we gonna just ignore that Jojo literally air humped the girl??💀😔”
  • “Blink 3 times if jojo is holding you at gunpoint😔🤞🤞”

What did you think about JoJo Siwa’s new music video? Do you agree with Abby Lee Miller’s assessment? Or do you think this is the wrong look for JoJo? Add your voice to the conversation and share what you think in the comments.

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