Did JoJo Siwa Use A Body Double In New Music Video?

JoJo Siwa from Karma music video, Sourced from YouTube

Former child star JoJo Siwa has a new music video out to launch her re-branded look. Though she was once insanely popular with children, JoJo wants to transition to more mature content these days. Now that her song “Karma” is out, fans felt incredibly excited to see the new video.

But did she use a body double for the dancing?

That’s the current rumor going around about the 20-year-old singer. Keep reading to get the scoop and form your own conclusions.

Viewers Think JoJo Siwa Didn’t Do Her Own Stunts

Many Dance Moms fans remember JoJo Siwa skyrocketing to fame on the reality show when she was a little girl. Now that she’s an adult, she’s putting her old image in the past. Her new song “Karma” features pretty explicit language.

But that’s not the only reason the internet is buzzing about it.

JoJo Siwa from Karma music video, Sourced from YouTube
JoJo Siwa/YouTube

In fact, many viewers insist JoJo Siwa used a body double to use some of the difficult dance stunts.

“My favorite part of JoJo Siwa’s Karma video is this unnecessary jump cut like… is that a stunt double… did JoJo not land this? What’s the tea Abby Lee?” X user Ryan Harer wrote online.

Another X user replied that it probably had something to do with the timing not quite lining up with the music. Others replied that never would have been fine with Abby Lee Miller when JoJo was on Dance Moms.

Abby Lee would have her doing it until it was right,” another chimed in.

Abby Lee Miller Chimes In On The “Karma” Video

Naturally, the internet really wanted to hear from JoJo’s former dance teacher Abby Lee Miller. The Dance Moms star uploaded a reaction video on Instagram while she watched the “Karma” video for the first time.

However, Abby didn’t really have many negative things to say about the video. Ultimately, the dance teacher seemed pretty impressed with JoJo’s dance moves in the video.

See her response here:


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A post shared by Abby Lee Miller (@therealabbylee)

At the end of the day, it seems like the jury is still out when it comes to whether or not JoJo Siwa used a stunt double. Some fans love the new content, while others think it’s entirely inappropriate.

Comments on Abby Lee’s video included:

  • I think the video is a little inappropriate. I know she’s trying to get out the “kid star” phase but a lot of littles still worship her.”
  • Abby we know you think this music video is questionable.”
  • “I didn’t come here for you to be nice😂”
  • “Even Abby thinks that video was outta pocket 💀💀”

Check out the entire music video here:

What do you think about the situation? Did JoJo Siwa use a body double in the “Karma” video? Or did she do the stunts herself? Share your own thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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