Does Maddie Ziegler’s Mom Regret Doing Dance Moms?

Maddie Ziegler

Maddi Ziegler recently spoke out about her mom’s feelings on Dance Moms in a podcast she guest-starred in. Fans know how Maddie has felt about her time on Dance Moms. Do you think Melissa regrets putting her kids through the hard times of the show? Their lives would be different if they hadn’t starred on the Lifetime show.

Maddie Ziegler Forced To Say Certain Things

During her time on Dance Moms, Maddie was forced to say certain lines for the show. Ziegler explains in the High Low with EmRata podcast that she was only seven at the time and was often in a room alone with male producers who are telling her what to say she isn’t going to say no.

“When I was doing the show, in the first season [in 2011] I was 7, and male producers were saying, ‘This is what you have to say,’ my mom wasn’t in the room, so I was like, ‘OK, I just have to do whatever I’m being told.’ They would say, ‘Say you’re the best, say you’re better than everyone else, say blah blah blah.’ ”

No one can really blame Ziegler for listening to the producers, she was young and vulnerable. However, once fans found this out, they definitely started to question how much of the show was true and how much was rehearsed and influenced by the producers. Since the producers wanted her to flaunt about herself constantly in the earlier seasons, Maddie did feel like she came off as a brat sometimes on the show. She also feels like behind the scenes she was treated a lot differently than when she was on screen.

Melissa Apologizes To Maddie

Maddie Ziegler also explains in the podcast that she called her mom while having a panic attack.

“Last year, I was having a really bad panic attack and I called my mom and things were coming up from the past, and she apologized to me, she was like, ‘I’m so sorry I put you through that.’ It’s so sad because she would never want to hurt us, but none of us knew how crazy it would get,”

Viewers very much feel as Melissa wishes she hadn’t put her two daughters on the show. The dancer does not hold it against her mother and does not think it was her fault. When the Zieglers left the show in 2016, they had to fight to even break the contract. People informed viewers that Maddie’s mom, as well as Maddie’s friend Sia, were finally able to break their contract so they could leave the show. Fans watched as Dance Moms went downhill after Maddie and Mackenzie left the show.

It does seem to fans that Melissa has regretted putting her kids through Dance Moms. Regardless, fans will support Ziegler and whatever adventures she decides to go on. She is still acting and working. Do you feel bad for what the Zieglers had to go through with Abby Lee Miller? Sound off in the comments below.

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