Was JoJo Siwa Inappropriate During ‘Dance Moms’ Reunion?

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The Dance Moms 10-year reunion premiered on Lifetime last night. It was a great chance for viewers to catch up with the former child stars. Aside from JoJo Siwa, most of the girls have integrated back into everyday life.

While viewers enjoyed hearing from the girls and learning about their lives and experiences over the past decade, several couldn’t help but feel that JoJo Siwa was a little inappropriate.

She rushed to defend Abby Lee Miller, which many deemed to be totally bizarre. Keep reading to learn more.

JoJo Siwa Claims Abby Lee Miller Was “Always Right”

Long-time Dance Moms viewers know dance instructor Abby Lee Miller often verbally berated the girls onscreen. It didn’t matter how young they were or how hard they worked. Yelling was a core part of every episode.

And that’s exactly why viewers thought it was so weird and inappropriate for JoJo Siwa to defend Miller’s actions.

Cast of Dance Moms reunion from JoJo Siwa's Instagram
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“This is gonna be a little controversial to say but, to me, Abby was always right,” the singer defended her former dance teacher during the reunion. “If I was a mess and a beat off, she wasn’t just yelling at me cause she wanted to yell at me. I actually was a mess and was a beat off. One thing that I’ve learned like really working in Hollywood is that that’s normal and it’s scary that it’s normal but that taught me how to survive in the industry. It truly is so tough.”

The other former child stars remained silent, some clearly in disbelief at what JoJo had to say. And the former Dance Moms stars weren’t the only ones puzzled.

Reunion Viewers Trash The “Karma” Singer’s Words Online

As they watched the reunion, many viewers aired their grievances on social media. They found JoJo Siwa’s words completely inappropriate and insensitive to the other women on the stage.

“HELPPP the way they are all looking at JoJo is killing me,” one X user wrote as the clip played. “I just know they all have a group chat without her.”

JoJo Siwa also called out the women who chose not to attend the reunion and claimed they were running from their past. Former Dance Moms star Nia Sioux publicly admitted that she simply didn’t feel like attending and that was a good enough reason. Neither Maddie nor Mackenzie Ziegler attended the reunion either.

“Some people don’t wanna relive their trauma JoJo,” another X user wrote in response to JoJo’s harsh words.

Did you catch the Dance Moms reunion special on Lifetime? What did you think about JoJo Siwa’s controversial statements? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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