‘Golden Bachelor’ Fans Doubted Theresa Nist’s Compatibility

Theresa Nist, Gerry Turner - ABC YouTube

Golden Bachelor alums Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner married in a blaze of glory and happy smiles, only to disappoint ABC fans when they divorced three months later. Plenty of cast members and others had their say about it. But, many fans of the show saw incompatibility much earlier than the actual wedding. Read on to find out why they thought it might not work out.

ABC Star Theresa Nist Wasn’t Right For Gerry?

Golden Bachelor fans already discussed how Gerry made a mistake when he chose Theresa over Leslie Fhima and Faith Martin. Some people alleged that he was a gold digger because her net worth was better than his. Meanwhile, others felt that she knew things were not perfect, but felt committed to marriage because of all the wedding hype.

Theresa Nist 'Golden Bachelor'/Credit: ABC YouTube
Theresa Nist ‘Golden Bachelor’ wedding Credit: ABC YouTube

As the show moved along, many ABC fans thought that Gerry did a terrible thing when he dumped Leslie Fhima so badly for Theresa Nist. And, the thought couldn’t help being expressed that if he dumped Leslie so quickly, he could easily dump his final choice.

Gerry Turner A Gold Digger Or Didn’t See Red Fags?

On December 1, Golden Bachelor fans discussed Gerry and Theresa on platform X, and one of them said:

Notice how the first thing he said about Theresa was money related.

December Discussion About Gerry Turner and Theresa - X
December Discussion About Gerry Turner and Theresa – X

In the comments section, other ABC fans commented on Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner’s interest in her being a financially self-supporting woman. Here are some of those comments:

  • His tune changed on her when she talked about her career too.
  • Yup his eyes lit up.
  • clocked it!

The Express recalled that the emphasis on the Golden Bachelor contestant holding down a good job arose when Gerry introduced her to his family. He seemed very quick to describe her as a “professional businesswoman.” Meanwhile, Redditors also talked about the possibility that Theresa and Gerry might not work. But, they didn’t see him as a gold digger at the time. Rather, they felt that she had some emotional issues.

Earlier Off Notes

On Reddit, months before the wedding, ABC fans were discussing the time when Kathy Swarts told Theresa to “:Zip it,” when she kept on about her success with the lead star. One of them said:

She seems a bit emotionally needy and seems a bit clueless about reading other people’s social cues….

More discussion followed about the unsuitability of Theresa Nist followed, and here are some notable comments:

  • I entirely agree with you on what you’ve said about Theresa.
  • Theresa gives off pick me vibes, so I’m rooting for Leslie😅
  • … he is revelling in the Bachelor attention but still doesn’t have the dating experience to discern authenticity and compatibility in the women.
  • Theresa creeped me out from the beginning. She has a deer in the headlights look that bothers me.
  • Theresa…is an oversharer, who has no clue (or pretends not to) how her words affect others. She also has a sort of weaponized fragility that I find quite disturbing. She puts on a wide eyed waif persona, something that makes men want to rescue her. I’ve seen a lot of red flags in her behavior.

What are your thoughts about fans spotting the signs that things might not go well after Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner married? Are you surprised that they picked up those indications of insincerity right from the early days of the ABC show? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Golden Bachelor News.

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