‘Golden Bachelor’ Was It Only About Winning For Theresa Nist?

Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner/Credit: Gerry Turner Instagram

Amid news that Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist are divorcing, fans can’t help but wonder if she joined Golden Bachelor to win or for love. Why do Bachelor Nation fans doubt Theresa’s sincerity?

What Drove Golden Bachelor Couple To Divorce

Gerry Turner agreed to be ABC’s first Golden Bachelor because he hoped to find love again after his wife’s tragic passing. Theresa Nist was also grieving her late husband. The two quickly formed a strong connection.

Though some viewers were rooting for Gerry Turner to pick Leslie Fhima as his future wife, he chose Theresa Nist instead. The two married less than two months after their engagement was televised in the Golden Bachelor season finale.

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist/Credit: ABC YouTube
Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist/Credit: ABC YouTube

According to Variety, over 5 million people watched Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist exchange vows on the Golden Wedding special in early January 2024. The couple announced they were getting divorced just a week after their three-month wedding anniversary.

During their joint interview on Good Morning America, the former couple chalked the split up to neither of them wanting to leave their families and relocate. Gerry lives in Indiana, and Theresa lives in New Jersey.

But some fans can’t help but wonder if there is more to the shocking split.

Was It Only About Winning For Theresa Nist?

Theresa Nist wasn’t overall well-liked by Golden Bachelor viewers, especially compared to second and third place runner-ups Leslie Fhima and Faith Martin.

Faith was eliminated after admitting to Gerry Turner that she wouldn’t leave her home state of Washington and relocate to Indiana. Leslie and Theresa both said they were willing to move for love, though Theresa obviously didn’t follow through with that.

Leslie Fhima, Faith Martin and Theresa Nist/Credit: ABC YouTube
Leslie Fhima, Faith Martin and Theresa Nist/Credit: ABC YouTube

Fans are divided over why she joined the dating show in the first place. Was she looking for love, or did she just want to be the ultimate winner? Only Theresa Nist knows her true motivations for joining Golden Bachelor.

Fans Think Gerry Turner Isn’t Innocent Either

Gerry Turner came under fire right before the Golden Bachelor Season 1 finale after The Hollywood Reporter published a scathing article.

The investigative piece claimed that Gerry Turner wasn’t as well-off as he claimed on the reality show. Furthermore, the outlet cast doubts on whether the senior citizen retired early as he said. The shocking expose changed how some Bachelor Nation fans viewed Gerry.

When news broke about the divorce, fans took to Reddit to debate the true reason for the split. While some blamed Theresa, others didn’t think Gerry Turner was innocent. Check out some of the comments about him:

  • I don’t think he was ever in love. I think he was in it for fame and money.
  • I just think Gerry isn’t a good guy. The mask fell off.
  • I bet Gerry has someone else. I don’t think there is much of a need to get divorced so quickly and in such a humiliating, public fashion, unless there was a real driver for this.
  • Something made the long distance not work, and I’m willing to bet it was Gerry having a relationship or more.
  • Gerry is probably in a relationship with someone who lives in his area.
  • Finances. She’s loaded. The show misrepresented Gerry’s financial standing and his past. Formerly owning a small burger franchise does not make you a restaurantier.
  • I don’t think Gerry really felt genuine love with any of the women from s1. he picked Theresa for money and convenience but that can only keep a relationship afloat for so long

Where do you stand on the debate regarding Theresa Nist’s motivation to join The Golden Bachelor? Was she looking to find love again or did she just want to beat the other women for Gerry Turner’s heart? Sound off in the comments.

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