‘The Golden Bachelor’ Kathy Swarts Becomes Villain For Season 1

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The Golden Bachelor fans did not like Kathy Swarts on Gerry Turner’s season of the new Bachelor Nation show so they deemed her to be the “villain.” So much for being sweet something 70s, as it seems that aging doesn’t really make people any nicer than they were in their younger years.

The Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner Sent Kathy Swarts Home

Theresa Nist got the first one-on-one date with Gerry and her daughter, Jenny seemed very supportive of the septuagenarian. Actually, above all, she wanted her mom to enjoy her time. However, Kathy made sure to try and ruin things for her. Ot seemed that Kathy Swarts got jealous as she accused Theresa of being a braggart.

The Golden Bachelor Kathy Swarts Nominated As Villain - ABC Bachelor Nation
The Golden Bachelor – Kathy Swarts plays the victim – ABC Bachelor Nation

The Golden Bachelor fans saw that Kathy turned on the victimhood line with Gerry. At one stage she claimed that Theresa was “possessive and territorial.” Of course, that made Theresa cry because Kathy was sharp with her. Gerry felt bad, and the drama upticked when Theresa mentioned how he had come and been nice while she cried. Later, Kathy was sent home.

The Golden Bachelor Fans Label Kathy Swarts A ‘Villain’

As Kathy also behaved badly in a nasty clash with April Kirkwood while they practiced a girl’s group chant for Gerry, fans already wanted the lead to ditch her. Well, the moment finally arrived and Gerry Turner seemed sweet as he escorted her out for a final chat. For him, it seemed the killer stroke that ended it all came when Kathy spitefully told Theresa Nist to “zip it.” 

The Golden Bachelor fans, like any other Bachelor Nation show, seemed determined to nominate Kathy Swarts as the “Villain” of the season. The Sun reported that on social media, ABC viewers went after the older woman. Some of it got quite vicious and they cited one person as saying, “SHES GOING HOMEEEEE!!!!! If she cries I am NOT sorry…that ZIP it is the reason you ended up the villain!!”

Another person opined, “Welcome to the Bachelor Villain Hall of Fame.”

Is It All Over For The ABC Wanna-Be?

The Golden Bachelor, like any other Bachelor Nation show, might very well get a final twist. How many Bachelor stars already chose one person and then hooked up with another after the finale? Perhaps, Villain Kathy Swarts might yet best Theresa Nist in Gerry Turner’s heart. However, fans really hope that never happens.

What do you think of Gerry Turner sending Kathy Swarts home after she got ugly with Theresa Nist? What about her poor treatment of April? Do you think that she deserves the title of “Villain” for Season 1 on ABC? Let us know in the comments below and don’t miss new updates about The Golden Bachelor.

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