‘Golden Bachelor’ Theresa Nist Seen Looking Sad, Unkept

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Golden Bachelor alum, Theresa Nist isn’t saying much about Gerry Turner divorcing her, and she looked down, sad, and unkept this weekend. Of course, she seemed genuinely in love with him, so the split was no doubt hard. When they married in January, she seemed to be in love and excited about life by his side. However, that all crashed down three months later. Keep reading to find out more about Theresa’s recent sad look.

Theresa Nist Looked More Committed Than Gerry

After the divorce became public knowledge, a body language expert claimed that Gerry never looked fully committed to his wife. Actually, even before that, fans of The Golden Bachelor picked up a vibe as well. Still, his wife always looked like she found her fairytale Prince Charming at the bottom of her beautiful garden in New Jersey.

Theresa Nist Looked To Be Deeply In Love - Golden Bachelor- YouTube
Theresa Nist Looked To Be Deeply In Love – Golden Bachelor- YouTube

Theresa Nist didn’t get as much hate as Gerry Turner did, but for a while, she was careful. Actually, when she was spotted looking down this weekend, she carried her phone with her as she did her chores. Theresa was even spotted with a police escort not long ago.

Gerry Turner Broke Theresa’s Heart?

Golden Bachelor fans won’t be quick to forgive the man who claimed he loved his wife and then dumped her so fast. During his season, he always went on about giving love a chance. But, he only gave his marriage about 90 days before quitting. When they split, he claimed that they chose to stay close to their families rather than relocate away from them. Nevertheless, a lot of fans don’t believe that.

Gerry Turner Claimed He Prayed About Marrying Theresa Nist - Golden Bachelor - YouTube
Gerry Turner Claimed He Prayed About Marrying Theresa Nist – Golden Bachelor – YouTube

Theresa Nist was seen over the weekend at her home in New Jersey. The Sun reported that the former wife of Gerry Turner took out the trash. In the photos, she wore her jammies and no makeup. The outlet wrote:

Theresa’s brown hair was down around her shoulders and did not appear brushed. She looked downcast as she placed the can near her mailbox. Gerry’s ex walked back into the house after taking out her trash.

While it might seem normal for some people to take out the trash in their jammies, the expression on her face didn’t scream happiness. In fact, she seemed to look rather unhappy, and that’s probably no massive surprise to fans if she feels that way.

What are your thoughts about Theresa Nist looking unkept and sad as she took out the trash this weekend? Do you feel sorry for her? Or, do you think she was foolish to tie the knot so quickly? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Golden Bachelor news.

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  1. Good grief!!! Leave the woman alone!! How is she supposed to take out her trash?? In a ball gown???? And why should she have to be chastised for not wearing makeup while taking it out??? She was on her own property, not shopping or in and about town! Leave her alone. It is OVER, and how can she put it behind her if photos are being taken BEHIND HER BACK?? Terrible.

  2. omg ur all nuts..big wedding ..tv..news…now divorce…..its done…go ur separate ways…its really getting sickening…big deal….hall and flame….MOVE ON..PEOPLE…ITS REALLY OLD..TIRED OF IT…THEY BOTH MADE A JOKE ABOUT GETTING MARRIED…..DO U PEOPLE KNOW WHAT …DONE..MEANS

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