‘Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner Wouldn’t Commit To Theresa Nist?

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist from her Instagram page

Was Gerry Turner unable to commit exclusively to Theresa Nist? That’s the word on the street now that the first-ever Golden Bachelor couple has ended their relationship. 

Many Bachelor Nation fans hoped their marriage would last, but sadly it wasn’t meant to be. After just three months, the couple publicly announced they agreed to divorce after marrying in a televised ceremony.

Now, fans and other members of Bachelor Nation alike are offering their honest opinions about the split. And according to one expert, it might have had a lot to do with Gerry’s unwillingness to commit. See what they had to say.

A Body Language Expert Dishes On Gerry Turner’s Mannerisms

Fans around the world expressed shock and disappointment when the first Golden Bachelor couple announced that split. But according to one expert, there were plenty of obvious clues right from the beginning.

Was their marriage really doomed to fail?

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist from her Instagram page
Theresa Nist/Instagram

The Express reports that body language expert Judi James says Theresa Nist appeared “smitten” while competing for Gerry Turner’s heart. However, James admitted Gerry seemed “detached.”

While many Bachelor Nation fans felt completely caught off guard by the split, James says there were clear signs all along.

“You do not pick your life partner from a group of competitive women in front of the TV cameras and this almost ‘sham’ marriage was clearly destined to unpick quickly although this is probably quicker than most fans of the show might expect,” she shared with The Express. “There’s a very idealistic suggestion that a single guy or woman who achieves high levels of fame from taking part in a TV show will cash in on that fame by falling for someone their own age.”


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“Gerry’s body language has never really shown commitment with Theresa although her own body language poses have always suggested she is smitten,” James concluded.

The Couple Asserts They Genuinely Tried To Make It Work

Naturally, many fans who watched the couple fall in love on The Golden Bachelor were sorely disappointed to hear about the breakup. Some feel that Gerry and Theresa didn’t even try to make their marriage work and gave up too easily.

However, the pair asserts they tried everything in their power to make their marriage work. Ultimately, neither were really willing to give up their homes and relocate away from loved ones. But not everyone is buying that answer.

What do you think about the body language expert’s assessment? Do you think Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist were really in love? Or was their relationship doomed to fail from the beginning? Leave your own thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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  1. What a bunch of baloney. They said they were going to probably move to South Carolina after the wedding. They looked at houses but never decided on one. Then Gerry was going to move to New Jersey with Theresa. What happened to that?

    AND she is still working. So how could she move to South Carolina?? They have not gone on their honeymoon to Italy yet. They were going to go in May. Things had to be pretty bad for them not to go on the trip to Italy.
    Why did they not figure all of this out BEFORE the wedding?

    Also, if they LOVED each other so much, he could have spent some time in NJ with her, like 2 weeks out of the month, and then gone back to IN to spend time with his daughters and his grandkids. It is called a compromise.

    Also, something feels off with Gerry. I get the feeling that he can be a real jerk and was just putting on a facade for the cameras. Supposedly he had a girlfriend for a few years and then he dumped her when she gained weight. What a guy!!

    1. Once she told him about her job as a financial advisor and that she made good money at it…..he dumped Lesley, whom I think was a better match….he is looking for someone to finance his later years….he is a total jerk. She is smart to have a prenup…hopefully securing her money and he get nothing….he is a grifter.

      1. i was upst that he dumped Leslie ( they were having a hard time deciding where to live) when Teresa said she would move anywhere for him , well, she didn’t move for him. she said she would quit her job and move.
        they looked at all those different places and still nothing?

      2. Agree. He dumped that woman and wanted her to move out immediately.
        Plus he lied about his history from the beginning. He was looking for a Sugar Mama, and unwilling to give up anything for her. including location. when I learned that he lied about his history, that did it for me. How could any woman ever trust him?
        without trust no relationship can survive.

      3. I totally agree!! I immediately thought the same thing. never was a fan of Gerry any way. there was something about him that I found dishonest and untrustworthy.

      4. I agree, he was clearly after her money. He lied about his past, he is self serving and was never authentic also is extremely superficial and a major bullshitter.

    2. Your comment should have been the article. I was pretty disappointed at the “body expert” analysis. No s*** one was more smitten than the other, this was the shortest marriage in bachelor history

    3. Yep. Yep. Yep!!! Agree 💯 … Could see it from 5 miles away. Sorry but something about him screams NARCISSIST!!! Girl, RUN!!!

  2. I think Gerrys body language showed he was never into Teresa. you always see her putting her arm on his to snuggle to get closer, but he never. even on the night of the final rose, put his arm around her to pull her in. He figured she was better for “outcome” than someone who had been married before. They shared a death, making them more compatible. I believe he had one foot out the door but wanted the publicity. It worked-he has a jov offer and will likely make more money than he has in his life. I think he lied about his past work and “dating” experience and only when caught, did he own up. I feel sorry for Teresa. All that crap he gave her about being there for each other and when she made him sign a pre-nup he realized there was nothing in it for him. As stated before, he could have compromised and spent 2 weeks a month in NJ, but he didn’t want to do that. He has ruined the show for me. I don’t believe this divorce was mutual. And he jumped to say “oh yeah” when asked if he’d find love again. I would love to chat with Teresa. It had to be hard to sit next to him and lie that that still loved each other. How long did it take to write that script?

  3. Gerry Turner is a playboy. Watch and see, he will have another young woman in no time. Theresa saw something and she is not telling it. Theresa saw that Gerry is no-good. Yes, Gerry married Theresa, but he soon got very tired of her and Theresa knows it. Gerry is the one who filed for divorce, because he’s the one that wants out. Gerry Turner has a short attention span and he gets tired of the same woman very quickly. Theresa gushed all over him, all the time and that was a mistake. Gerry never gushed over her. That is a mistake all woman make. They make too much of a man.

    1. I am not happy they did not last long. But Life Reality does set in after the fantasy near perfect beginnings; of a too fast Romance that will most likely fail. I do not think Gary was faking or a serial dater. He needed to needed to be neutral detached; think and select. Its very hard to decide between your heart and mind. Theresa was too desparate and aggressive as demostrated by her overnight stay. Frankly, men will pick the sex and lose interest afterward if he had little connections/ interests/ goals. Long distance romance is difficult. Its not the same when you are older and put down “roots” alreadyI Even if they have decided temporary where to live together first. They are not young independent; free to move anywhere; work on a career; and to start on a clean slate together.

    2. “All women” definitely do not fawn all over any man. At least those who have graduated junior high.

  4. they both are a joke. I did not like Jerry…crying all the time…always looking so sincere but never being. that way. wasted all that money on a wedding

  5. Thought it wouldn’t last because when he proposed, it was all sapping and everything. But, Gerry never put the ring on her finger. Thersa grabbed the ring and put it on her own finger. First big red flag. When they were together, always seemed so different and wasn’t even in the moment, was 2nd red flag. 3rd red flag, wedding ceremony was very distant, like he was somewhere else

  6. They didn’t pay for the wedding. The rings were paid through Bachelor Nation. The rings should be returned to Neil Lane. The dress should be returned as well.

  7. this all was such a joke and such a shame. Gerry was never authentic at all in this search. Smiling all the time and lying to a bunch or women who truly cared for him. He as far as I’m concerned is a liar and used all these women. He knew when he picked Theresa that she lived in New Jersey and had a job. He said they would work it out but he had no intention of doing that! He got what he wanted, publicity and he’ll make money off of it and that’s all he cares about! Theresa always cared for him but he was a jerk and a liar. if you truly love someone you find a way to make it work which were hid words and to me, he didn’t even try. All lies. She looked at him with stars in her eyes, him not so much. and all his fancy words for their wedding, he didn’t mean any of them obviously. Theresa is much better off without him!! Hope you find TRUE LOVE Theresa!!

  8. That show was Hollywood from the start. Who meets a guy in their “so called” birthday suit? And who wants to kiss a man who has just been on dates with 20 other women? It was just TV and that is that. If you have to compete with that many women, give it up sister. You’ll be dealing with his ego next.

  9. Before the wedding, I read a comment from Gerry’s first wife’s hairdresser. She said that his wife had cried to her about Gerry regularly cheating and refusing to quit. He claimed that he couldn’t help it if he was so good looking that women came on to him! I remember this because I was so appalled.

  10. These shows need to stop. They aren’t healthy. They send the wrong message. Almost ALL the marriages have ended. The show itself is a HUGE red flag. Who puts themselves thru this. The fact that these women cud not see that Gerry was a fake is a red flag. The few scene I witnessed were clearly fake. Shut the series down!

  11. He’s a player and she is just scary to look at! They got their 15 minutes of fame which is what they wanted!

    1. I thought I might be the only one who thought her face was scary. lol. Leslie dodged a bullet with that guy. He certainly picked the one woman he really wasn’t into all that much but certainly had the most wealth. grateful for prenuptial. I feel like most here, he got some fame and freebies so he doesn’t need Theresa since he’s not getting anything financially.

  12. Bachelor Nation has not had enough marital/relationship success to encourage anyone to “trust their process”. Its all fake. Teresa and Gerry certainly are. Just last week they were gushing about how their long distance re’ship was going strong and they were planning their honeymoon in Italy. In a week that changed to planning a divorce? They both wanted their few minutes of fame and some free “stuff”. And they are still gushing about how they are still in love. Once the ABC payouts are over, watch for the “tell all” book, painting a different picture. But beyond the show being a farce and those two being ridiculously transparent in their intentions, they dare to take credit for giving the 65+ population new hope? Dating at any age has been recognized and celebrated long before those two idiots came along. Give it a break Bachelor Nation. Clearly, you can’t get this process right!

  13. My opinion is that Gerry picked the weakest of all the ladies. The excuses stated for the quick divorce, are issues that should have been resolved before marriage. I will say to Theresa, better now than later. Good luck and move on.

  14. He was a dog b4 the show and she just wanted a man in her life and settled….that never works out…Good luck Theresa

  15. I think Gerry Turner, is a phony. His dating past was revealed and he lied about it. I believe he wanted attention on this ridiculous show and hoped he would earn some money.
    He appeared unattached at the wedding, while Theresa was all in.
    I hope she will recover from his betrayal and will fine true love .
    All the other contestants are real lucky that they were not chosen by this fraud of a man.

  16. Full disclosure that I only watched the last two episodes. It seemed clear to me that his heart said Leslie but his wallet said Theresa. His wallet won until that pre-nup reared its cutting-money-off head. I am surprised they lasted this long!

  17. It was really dumb to get married when they didn’t know each other. It’s also kinda dumb and immature to look for true love on Bachelor Nation. If anything, they should have had a fake wedding to avoid the hassle of a divorce.

  18. Bunch of garbage on a show that promotes multi sex partners and does not know what real love is between a man and a woman. it is in the Bible and does not promote multi partners. What a joke.

  19. Gerry thinks he can do better now that he is famous. If you love someone you find a way. I live with my husband 6 months of the year. We travel back and forth while maintaining separate homes.
    Did you know that Gerry received emails from many women not on the show as he “fell in love” with Theresa? And he responded to them. Committed? No.

  20. I auditioned (Mar 16) here in Rancho Mirage at their open casting call for Golden #2.. I was one of the crowds favs, if not thee favorite, and many people in the crowd, told me ‘you’ll Definitely be on the show’. .forget about the ‘call back’ I was hoping for!!! I Still haven’t Heard Zip! I think alot are preselected ‘Actors’ who can follow a script’!! Because this just happens TOO much!!! I was going on for the Right Reasons!! I Guess That Wasn’t Enough!!

  21. I recently auditioned March 16th at their open casting call in Rancho Mirage. It was a nice experience and i set in the crowd to stay and mingle like they asked after my audition for the show. I happen to be one of the crowd favorites, Definitely Top2/3!! i was told by more than one of the ladies, That I Would Definitely be Picked!! So I felt really good about things!! Even asked to do some private pics by a local business who attanded!!
    Well… I didn’t even get a call back!! or anything! so it seems to me (after hereing another one of these stories) that these might be ‘pre selected people (out of work actors) who can work off of a script…If you will …so, after seeing this, it makes sense to me why this happens!!

  22. These shows are just for show. He lied from the start. Then there’s always pressure to be the choosen one.It’s a big joke.

  23. wow. don’t you guys know that this show was all made up to make money. all reality shows are made up . and the people on there are not actors, they’re just regular people which is what the producers want . I know they must think anyone who watches these shows is a big dumb sucker . and I can imagine they probably assumed they are conservative. those two weirdos didn’t even have any chemistry. I guess I’m the only one that noticed that the lady… I’m being kind now.. was really not attractive, I mean like in the face. and the man, he acted slightly effeminate or maybe just that he seemed aspergery … he whole premise for this show is ridiculous. plainly it’s just a quick Endeavor to make money for somebody and as long as someone watches it, as in Jerry Springer Show they will continue to make money and show their disrespect for their viewers.

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