‘On Patrol Live’ Fans Lament Loss Of Nye County

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On Patrol Live! fans love how the show focuses on several different police departments across the country. However, one group of fans is disappointed that one specific county has disappeared from the coverage. These fans want to see more of Nye County and lamented the loss of the entertaining location.

Here is what On Patrol fans had to say about the loss of Nye County.

On Patrol Live Fans Want Nye County Back

Fans on Reddit have fun discussing all the crazy things that happen on the hit reality TV show On Patrol Live. However, the fans also point out when things bother them. Recently, a thread started, with fans complaining about the show’s coverage of Nye County being cut.

On Patrol: Live-Facebook
On Patrol: Live-Facebook

The thread opened with just a simple statement that turned into a nice look at the lost county: “I’ll go ahead and say it. I miss the craziness and characters in Nye County,” the OP posted.

This led to several comments about the loss of the county by fans:

  • “To me, Nye was Pasco County in the desert. Many of the same type of people. I actually preferred Pasco to be honest, but I enjoyed both.”
  • “Seems like that area attracts some interesting folks but they seem to share the same challenges functioning within society.”
  • “Those long drives into the desert to find the one-legged rattlesnake breeder in crusty shed who’s been harassing the 75-year-palm reader in the double wide next door. Such a glorious slice of Americana.”

If anything, the fans felt that the weirdness in Nye County was something no other city could replicate.

What Happened To Nye County On On Patrol Live?

On Patrol Live stopped filming in Nye County for several reasons. Most of them were because producers felt the show had run its course there and wanted to keep things fresh.

In the local Pahrump Valley Times, Sheriff Joe McGill said the show stopping production was “sudden and unexpected.” The law enforcement officer said, “I think that they just want to keep things fresh. We told them that they’re welcome to come back anytime, and they said they would like to come back sometime.”

The Nye County Sheriff’s Office also thanked the show for highlighting everything it does. “We are proud to have been riding with On Patrol: Live since the premiere in July 2022,” they said. The sheriff’s department had worked with the reality TV show for 15 months.

The officers in Nye County also appreciated that the reality TV show was sensitive in detailing the law enforcement work while not showing personal issues with emotional trauma. McGill said it was more of a positive experience with law enforcement.

Do you miss Nye County on On Patrol Live? What are your favorite locations that the show covers? Let us know in the comments below.

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