‘On Patrol: Live’ Curtis Wilson Removed From Show?

Curtis Wilson-Facebook

Has On Patrol: Live co-host, Deputy Curtis Wilson been removed from the show and not of his own volition? He was on break for a short time a few weeks back but has since returned. Now, a source is claiming that he must exit the series. Keep reading for what is known so far about the situation.

On Patrol: Live Curtis Wilson Removed From Show?

Since Sean ‘Sticks’ Larkin left On Patrol: Live, it has left Dan Abrams and Curtis Wilson. Then, fan-favorite guest stars pop in to help every week and that often excites viewers. They have the ones that they love to see and wish would become regulars. Those include Chief Bradley Taylor from the Hazen Police Department and Captain Tom Rizzo. Recently, Curtis was absent but others stepped in for him. There was some chatter about him not wanting to be on the show any longer. He seemed disinterested and bored when he was hosting and maybe his time had come to an end.

On Patrol: Live-Facebook
On Patrol: Live (Curtis Wilson, Dan Abrams, Tom Rizzo)-Facebook

Now, a Reddit thread has been started and it alleges that he is “forcibly stepping back” from the series. More so, it is happening ASAP after nearly two years on the show. This was first posted on Twitter/X at @oplunleashed but they only have 18 followers, following 44 people. So, it does not seem to be that legitimate.

Curtis Wilson-Reddit
Curtis Wilson-Reddit

After this was released by the Twitter page, they received a lot of cruel messages. They then responded with this:

“I will block and report any further threatening messages. If you don’t believe what I’ve shared, that is A-OK. Watch the show and live your life. Be blessed.”

So, what did On Patrol: Live fans have to say after seeing this on Reddit? Did they believe this news or dispute it?

  • Curtis Wilson isn’t all he’s cracked up to be.
  • I took a look at it…..the account spreading that has 5 followers and joined this month don’t think it’s a reliable source!!!!
  • Doubt it but we will see eventually
  • Big speculation for an account only made hours ago..

Doubtful But It’s Fine

It appears that no one really believes that Deputy Curtis Wilson will be leaving On Patrol: Live based on this account. However, if he does, not many people would really care. They noted that he appears uncomfortable when jokes are made and, as aforementioned, does not seem to care to be on the show. He has a lot going on in his life and is very busy so he may just want to step back.

As others have said, time will tell if this proves to be true or just a rumor. Do you think that there is any truth to this? Let us know and watch On Patrol: Live Fridays and Saturdays on Reelz.

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