‘On Patrol: Live’ Curtis Wilson MIA Again, Why?

Curtis Wilson-Facebook

Deputy Curtis Wilson is going MIA from On Patrol: Live again but what is the reason this time? He was just off from the show and had replacements for the time being. Now, he will be gone again but why and for how long? Keep reading to find out what is keeping him away.

On Patrol: Live Curtis Wilson MIA Again, Why?

Rumors have been going around that Deputy Curtis Wilson is being pushed out from his job at On Patrol: Live. No one has confirmed or denied this yet but he was just away from the studio. During that time, viewers noted how he does not seem thrilled when he is on the show. He lacks engagement and enthusiasm when he is alongside co-host Dan Abrams. Some do not even care if he is there or not which is sad. Curtis returned but now, he has shared that he will be departing once again.

On Patrol: Live-Facebook
On Patrol: Live (Curtis Wilson, Dan Abrams, Tom Rizzo)-Facebook

He sent out a tweet sharing that he would be away from the hit Reelz show this coming weekend.

Curtis explained that he is going back to the school where it all began for him. This is vital as he wants to be able to give back to the elementary school children. Plus, he will be a part of career day and chasing dreams.

At the same time, he is saddened that he will miss out on the excitement of the show. so, what did fans have to say?

Everyone was thrilled with what Curtis Wilson was choosing to do though they did note they would miss him a lot. Yet, the respect overrode any sad feelings.

Who Will Take His Place?

As of now, On Patrol: Live has not said who will be sitting in for Deputy Curtis Wilson. However, they did share that the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office from North Carolina will be on this weekend. They will be riding along with them so that should be very exciting for viewers. Many fans are looking forward to Robeson bringing their excitement to the show so this will be an event not to be missed.

Are you upset that Curtis will be gone again? More so, do you think he is making his way out of the show? Let us know and watch On Patrol: Live Fridays and Saturdays on Reelz.

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  1. I’ve noticed Curtis being gone alot lately too and really hope he’s not on his way out. I enjoy watching him on the show. The fill-ins are fine, but I like the consistency of Curtis.

  2. I am very upset that Curtis is leaving. I watch the show all day and night with the reruns. I have noticed and have said out loud that it seems like every time Curtis is trying to talk, that Sean seems irritated and then has to get his say in about what is happening. It’s like Sean doesn’t like him. Don’t get me wrong, I like Sean and he’s a huge part of the show. When Dan has time off it’s hard to even watch it because he is the perfect host. I’m a South Carolina woman that lives about 30 minutes from Richland County. I listen to the radio station where Curtis does commercials. I will miss him! I hate to read he’s being pushed out of the show but I’m thankful he will be going to do something that will be important to the place he started from. I’m sure they will appreciate him even if y’all didn’t.

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