Hannah Gosselin Stuns Fans With New Grown-Up Photoshoot

Hannah Gosselin from Instagram

The world met Hannah Gosselin when she was a toddler. But that was several years ago. Now that the Gosselin sextuplets are 20 years old, they’re exploring the world as adults.

While many of the Gosselin children keep low profiles on social media, Hannah has started posting on Instagram more frequently. And her latest photoshoot definitely captured a lot of attention.

See what she shared with fans.

Hannah Gosselin Shares Her Latest Photoshoot With Fans

Jon and Kate Gosselin definitely don’t see eye to eye, even years after their divorce. In the years following their 2009 split, they’ve had plenty of court cases and custody issues. Fortunately, the children can make their own choices now that they’re all legal adults.

Hannah Gosselin in particular is determined to forge her own path in life.

Hannah Gosselin from Instagram
Hannah Gosselin/Instagram

On May 10, 2024, the Gosselin sextuplets turned 20. Kate marked the occasion with a happy birthday post for Joel, Aaden, Leah, and Alexis. Fans immediately noticed that Collin and Hannah were left out. If the snub bothered Hannah, she didn’t speak about it publicly.

Instead, she’s focused on herself at the moment. And she chose to celebrate her adulthood with a few captivating photos.

Hannah simply captioned the photoshoot with one word, “peace.”

In the pictures, the former TLC personality poses in a flowing white dress with a vast desert landscape behind her. In two of the photos, she sits seductively and smiles coyly at the camera. In the last one, a few friends join her for a group photo.


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Hannah Gosselin’s followers loved the photos and felt quite taken aback at first. Everyone agreed the pictures were stunning, but the images were vastly different than the presence Hannah typically maintains.

Instagram users left comments including:

  • “I’m obsessed with these pics”
  • Goddess😍”
  • HANNAH you are perfect”

The Former TLC Star Seems To Be Thriving As A Young Adult

Like many of her siblings, Hannah Gosselin doesn’t quite share her entire life on social media. However, she did publicly share she has a serious boyfriend, Lennon. They seem quite happy together and Jon Gosselin also reportedly gets along well with the young man. 

“Yeah, we have a lot in common, Lennon and I,” the father of eight shared with ET. Although marriage is still probably a long way off for the young couple, fans are happy to see Hannah finding her stride as a thriving young adult.

What did you think about Hannah Gosselin’s new grown-up photos? Share your own opinions in the comments.

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