Kate Gosselin Shares Sextuplets’ Important Milestone

Kate Gosselin from ABC interview, YouTube

Jon and Kate Gosselin are no longer married, but they are still the parents of six children together. As many fans remember, the family dynamics are incredibly complicated.

The Gosselin children are all adults now and finding their own way in the world. This week, Kate Gosselin shared a happy update on the sextuplets. However, some Instagram followers didn’t care for the way she shared it.

Kate Gosselin Reemerges On Instagram To Share Big News

Kate Gosselin doesn’t post on Instagram very often anymore, but she made an exception this week to mark a very important milestone in her children’s lives.

As of May 10, 2024, all the Gosselin sextuplets are 20 years old. The news is a bit of a shock to TLC viewers who avidly watched the children grow up on Jon & Kate Plus 8 in the early 2000s.

Some of the Gosselin children from Jon & Kate Plus 8, TLC, sourced from YouTube
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To celebrate the major milestone, their mother gave her sextuplets a special shoutout.

No more teenagers in this house! Happy 20th birthday, my forever babies! I love you! Who feels old? I know I do! #20yearsold #ItsaPICKLE 🎁🎉🎈🎊” Kate Gosselin shared on Instagram, featuring a photo of four of the sextuplets. As most fans know, Hannah and Collin opted to live with Jon, while Alexis, Aaden, Leah, and Joel stayed with their mother.


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While Kate’s followers were excited to see the four 20-year-olds celebrating their birthday, many wished the children could all be together. Comments ranged from happy birthday wishes for the sextuplets to feelings of sadness that the kids weren’t together.

Instagram users wrote:

  • “Wish they could all be together”
  • No way! I remember when you had two 6 year olds and six 2 year olds!! 😍”
  • What about your other kids???”
  • “They’ve grown so beautifully. They seem like good-natured, mature adults 🤍 Good job, momma!! Happy Birthday to them!!🌺 🎂”

Collin Gosselin Spoke Out Against His Mother’s Behavior

Last year, Collin Gosselin publicly spoke up about the way Kate treated him while he was in her home. Shortly after, Kate shared her side of the story and claimed Collin has “multiple psychiatric diagnoses.”


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It’s an incredibly difficult situation, leaving the rest of the Gosselin children feeling like they need to pick sides. One of the twins, Mady Gosselin, spoke out against Collin and defended their mother.

In fact, the recent birthday post is the first time Kate Gosselin has posted on Instagram since the allegations emerged.

Were you surprised to learn that the Gosselin sextuplets are 20 years old? Did you feel saddened Kate Gosselin only celebrated with four of her children? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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