Kate Gosselin & Her Daughter Hannah Fall Out Again

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Jon and Kate Plus 8 alum, Kate Gosselin doesn’t seem likely to forgive easily, and she and her daughter, Hannah allegedly fell out again after a brief reunion. Hannah moved out of her mom’s house and went to Iive with her brother Collin and her dad, Jon. After years of estrangement, she caught up with her mom, but things went wrong again very fast.

Kate Gosselin Is Allegedly Angry With Hannah

The TLC show initially revealed eight kids. First, there were the twins, Mady and Cara. Then, along came the sextuplets, Aaden, Joel, Alexis, Leah, Hannah, and Collin. Those who watched the show saw that quite often, their mom seemed impatient with the kids and rather toxic towards her husband. As time went by, a divorce happened. Collin ended up sent away to a mental institution, and Hannah opted to leave as well. Recently, Collin and his sister opened up on Vice TV’s Dark Side of th 2000s and fans tuned on their mom.

Kate Gosselin, Collin alleged, had sent him away after he complained to his teachers about being separated at home, and not being allowed to eat or play with his siblings. Somehow, he managed to still hope for a reconciliation with his mom. In his interview, he talked about how his mom had a lot going on, and he understood that she picked on him because she seemed to be very stressed.

Kate Gosselin Went To Hannah’s Graduation

TLC fans were shocked to hear that Jon’s ex actually turned up at the graduation of her daughter after years of not speaking with her. Apparently, other exes arrived, including Collen Conrad. However, they didn’t associate with Hannah’s mom.  Hannah doesn’t hate her mom, and she wants some interaction with her. This week, The Sun reported that a source told them the fragile relationship had broken down already.

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Critics of Kate Gosselin, who turned on her after the two kids appeared on VICE TV probably won’t be surprised to know that Kate Gosselin is apparently furious that Hannah joined Collin on the show. Actually, Hannah seemed to be there to back up her brother’s version of events. The source claimed that the fallout was the “most recent outburst from Kate.” They added, “[It] has not helped their current relationship.”

Hannah Hopes To Reunite With Her Siblings

Jon hopes to reunite with his estranged kids now that they are all going to college. He hopes that with less influence by Kate Gosselin, he might manage to make up for all the time they never spoke to him. Now, the source claimed that Hannah hopes for the same thing.

We can’t be sure how true it is that the mom and daughter fell out. However, it seems possible because she never forgave her son Collin for allegedly being a difficult child. Do you hope that even without her mom talking to her, Hannah might make friends with her estranged siblings? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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