Jon Gosselin Claims Kate Keeps Their Children From Him

Jon Gosselin and his daughter Hannah from his Instagram page

Former TLC star Jon Gosselin has another grievance about his ex-wife, Kate.

After recent court rulings, an inside source revealed Jon Gosselin felt like he could finally move on with his life and put Kate behind him. But they still share eight children together, so that may not be entirely possible.

Jon Gosselin’s Children Are Adults, But He Asserts Kate Influences Them

Many fans already know that Jon Gosselin has an estranged relationship with most of his children. He obtained custody of two of the sextuplets, Collin and Hannah. Meanwhile, Kate had custody of twins Mady and Cara, as well as the other four sextuplets, Leah, Alexis, Aaeden, and Joel.

Now that all the children are legal adults, one would think they would be free to make their own choices. But according to Jon Gosselin himself, that might not be so easy.

The Gosselin sextuplets from Jon Gosselin's Instagram page
Jon Gosselin/Instagram

The Gosselin sextuplets turned 20 on May 10, 2024. Kate Gosselin shared a cute photo of her four sextuplets on Instagram to celebrate the milestone. Fans thought it was sad that all the sextuplets couldn’t celebrate their birthdays together and with both their parents.

But that might all actually be intentional. Jon Gosselin recently appeared on the Brandi Glanville Unfiltered podcast to discuss his relationships with his kids.

“I don’t really talk to my twins anymore, or the other four. They live in Manhattan, they have their own life. My other four are in North Carolina…” the former reality star admitted. “Hannah comes home – she’s at college, and Collin, he works a lot. I think it’s better. I think there was a lot of alienation.”

Does Kate Gosselin Keep The Children’s Cell Phones From Them?

Parental alienation is certainly rough. Now that all the Gosselin children are adults, they could reach out to Jon if they wanted to. However, it appears they have no intention of doing that.

“There was sibling alienation, which is still going on now because the other kids, other than Hannah, don’t talk to Colin. And there’s still parent alienation because I haven’t talked to my other ones and I have no idea what their thought process is on me or what they’ve been told,” Jon continued.


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He added that he doesn’t have contact information or cell phone numbers for his other children, but his daughter Hannah does speak with the others.

“[Kate] probably blocked your number from their phones,” Brandi Glanville suggested.

“She owns their phones,” Jon insisted.

What do you think about Jon Gosselin’s latest accusations? Do you think Kate Gosselin actually keeps their children’s phones from them? Have Jon and Kate influenced their children to alienate the other parent? Leave your own thoughts in the comments.

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