Why Jon Gosselin Feels He Can ‘Move On’ From Ex, Kate

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Former TLC stars Jon and Kate Gosselin finalized their divorce in 2009. But even so, the two exes could never completely be rid of one another. After all, they share eight children together.

But their break-up was anything but amicable. In the years since their divorce, both Jon and Kate continued to speak out against the other one. And it seems that they got their children involved in their arguments too. Hannah and Collin went to live with Jon Gosselin while the other six children lived with Kate.

Now, after all these years, Jon finally feels like he can completely “move on” from Kate. What exactly happened to make him feel this way?

Jon Gosselin Can’t Wait To Be Finished With His Ex-Wife

As per The Sun, a judge recently dismissed Kate Gosselin’s appeal “over $132,000 in back child support.” Needless to say, Jon Gosselin is feeling pretty wonderful about that.

The publication shares that the judge dismissed the initial case back in November 2023, but Kate appealed the ruling. The judge once again threw out her request. But according to Kate’s own lawyers, she’s not through yet.

“To say Jon is relieved is an understatement – he has spent so much time, money, and emotional energy fighting Kate, and finally it’s over,” a source close to the former TLC star shared with The Sun. “The past few years have been so stressful for him, it’s really taken a toll on his health. All he’s ever wanted was to move on with his life, but Kate kept pulling him back in time with her continuous lawsuits.”

Kate and Jon Gosselin from Jon & Kate Plus 8, TLC, Sourced from YouTube
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Jon Gosselin previously admitted to gaining weight, but he’s working on making healthier choices now. The source revealed that the drama with Kate was a contributing factor.

“The nonstop stress caused him to gain weight. Today he’s on a health kick now and trying to get back to his old self. He truly is putting himself first,” the sourced continued. “He’s thought in the past that Kate’s endless legal battle was finally over – and then she would go and file a new claim all over again.”

The source added that now that the legal issues are over, he’s focusing on his future with his girlfriend, Stephanie. He also is spending lots of time with Collin and Hannah, as well as pursuing his DJ career.


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Kate Gosselin Won’t Go Away Quietly

The Sun shares they spoke to Richard J. Puleo, Kate Gosselin’s attorney. According to Puleo, she’s going to come back fighting.

“Jon may think this is over but it ain’t over ’till the fat lady sings, and she hasn’t sung yet,” he shared. “This matter is still an open proceeding that the Superior Court does not yet have to rule upon, so the case will now go back down to the lower court, and we will proceed against him for breach of contract.”

Did you feel excited to learn that Jon Gosselin feels like he can move on with his life? Do you think Kate will end up causing more headaches for him? Share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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  1. Jon is a pooosh acting victim. It is easier to be conveniently inept, so he never had to do anything. Colleen babysit him, now Stephanie. His kids rebellious Colin and Hannah because dad lets them be a dj of the house. He is gone whom cares?

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