Jon Gosselin Shares Weight Loss & Major Future Plans

Jon Gosselin from Instagram

During Jon & Kate Plus 8‘s run on TLC, fans suspected that Kate and Jon Gosselin were anything but truly happy. The theories turned out to be true when the couple later divorced.

Thankfully, Jon seems to be in a much healthier, happier headspace these days. In a recent interview, he confirmed he’s working on health and weight loss goals. As soon as he hits his goal weight, he has a very special plan in mind.

Read on and see what the former TLC star is up to right now.

Jon Gosselin Is Thinking About His Future

Fans who follow Jon Gosselin on social media can’t help but notice he seems to be thriving. He left his full-time job to pursue his professional DJ career. He also has great relationships with his children, Hannah and Collin, and is in love with a wonderful woman.

Jon Gosselin from Instagram
Jon Gosselin/Instagram

In an interview with ET, Jon Gosselin revealed he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Stephanie Lebo after losing some weight. And according to the former TLC star, his plan is going well. But for now, he’s keeping the proposal under wraps.

“I can’t tell you because she’s probably going to watch this. So it’s — everything’s like a big surprise,” Jon shared. “I’ve lost like 32 pounds, so, you know, I feel pretty good about it… I want to do further. So, I know when I’m going to propose.”

The father of six and Stephanie Lebo have been dating for two years. He’s certain he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. And as far as weight loss goes, he simply wants to feel his best when the pair tie the knot.

“I’ve always wanted to be with someone who’s supportive and I love her to death and my kids love her, too. So, I mean, I’m not getting any younger,” he continued. “I love Stephanie and I have future plans with her, but I want to be in maybe the best shape of my life. She loves me for who I am, dad bod or whatever, but in my mind, you know, we all see ourselves as 25 and fit… that’s where I wanna be.”

The Former TLC Star Knows Exactly Why He Gained Weight

Jon Gosselin is incredibly happy with Stephanie Lebo. And that’s partially to blame for his weight gain, the reality star confesses.

“I just got complacent with my health,” Jon shared. “I’m in a comfortable relationship. I love my girlfriend, Stephanie. We just eat whatever we want, do whatever.”

But now, he’s taking his health and future incredibly seriously. It sounds like there will be a Gosselin wedding in the future before long.

Are you excited to hear that Jon Gosselin is in a happy, healthy relationship? What do you think about his health and weight loss goals? Add your voice to the conversation and share in the comments.

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