Did Kate Gosselin Finally Break Down And See Collin & Hannah?

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In a shocking move, Kate Gosselin showed up to see her estranged kids Collin and Hannah after not being part of their lives for the past few years. Here is a look at why Kate saw her kids, what happened, and how it affected Jon Gosselin and the two kids he has raised on his own.

Kate Gosselin shows up to see Collin & Hannah

Jon Gosselin has raised his kids Collin and Hannah since the two had a falling out with their mother, Kate Gosselin. For Hannah, she left her mom and asked to live with her dad after a falling out. For Collin, Kate placed him in a mental hospital and reportedly left him there without checking on him until he sent a message to his dad for help.

Jon, 46, enjoyed a huge moment this past week when both Hannah and Collin graduated from high school. This was a great moment as Collin especially has come a long way from when his mother called him uncontrollable and had him locked away. Jon was there for the kids’ graduation, as was his ex-girlfriend, Colleen. However, in a slightly more shocking moment, Kate Gosselin also showed up for the ceremony. This comes after Hannah said she and Collin had not spoken to their mother in years.

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Jon knew that Kate was going to be there because Hannah also said that she reached out to her mom to reconnect and at least start talking again recently. Kate sat in front of Colleen at the graduation ceremony, but she never spoke or communicated with Jon the entire time she was there. Kate also didn’t speak to Collin as the two have still not spoken in many years.

“Jon was super proud to see his kids graduate. They’ve all been through a lot these past few years so it was a really nice family celebration,” a source told The Sun. The source also said that Jon was surprised that Kate was there since she hasn’t been part of her kids’ lives over the past few years.

Jon Gosselin hasn’t seen his other kids in years

While it was surprising to see Kate Gosselin at Collin and Hannah’s graduation, Jon hasn’t seen his other kids in years. He also didn’t attend the graduation ceremony for the other kids, making Kate seem like the only one who made an attempt to be there for all the kids.

According to Jon, he hasn’t spoken to his older daughters, Cara and Mady, since 2014. That was five years after he and Kate divorced. They are now 22, so Jon has not seen them since they were 13. He said he tries to reach out occasionally, but they ignore every request he makes to contact them. Jon also said he hasn’t spoken to Alexis, Aaden, Leah, and Joel since 2018. Jon has been as absent from those four as Kate has been to Hannah and Collin.

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