Cheryl Burke Insists ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Celebs Should Be Single

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Romance rumors fly each and every year on Dancing With The Stars. After 32 Seasons, that’s become part of the show’s charm. After all, many professional dancers go on to date their celebrity partners. Some have even married and started families together. And that’s exactly why former pro Cheryl Burke has some surprising advice for future contestants — be single.

But is this actually realistic advice?

Cheryl Burke Wants Celebrities To Shed Their Relationships Before DWTS

There are plenty of famous DWTS romances that have lasted to this day. Kym Johnson married her partner Robert Herjavec, as did Artem Chigvintsev and Nikki Bella. The latest romance to bloom in the ballroom is between Daniel Durant and Britt Stewart, who just got engaged last Christmas.

Those are just the relationships that fans know about. There are plenty of others likely happening behind the scenes.

And that is precisely why Cheryl Burke thinks celebs need to be single when they enter the ballroom. She herself even admitted to having romantic tension with former dance partners. 

Cheryl Burke from Instagram
Cheryl Burke/Instagram

Since leaving DWTS, Cheryl has actively vocalized her opinions about the show on her new podcast, Sex, Lies, and Spray Tans. This exact subject recently came up.

“It’s an arranged marriage… And it is black and white. Either love each other or hate each other for real,” Cheryl admitted during a recent episode of her podcast. 

Many romances blossom in the ballroom, but many feuds develop as well. Louis van Amstel even recently admitted he couldn’t stand one of his former partners.

“It’s so intimate, and you’re stuck with this person…you better try and make it work at least,” the 40-year-old continued. “You get close in so many ways. These celebrities are so vulnerable because in order to succeed you have to strip it all down. And that alone? I bet you most of these married celebrities have never even done that with their [partners].”


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“Be single if you do Dancing With The Stars. That’s all, I’m saying,” Cheryl gave her closing thoughts.

DWTS Season 33 Is Just Around The Corner

The official cast list for DWTS Season 33 won’t be out for several more months, but fans are already speculating which celebrities will join. Philadelphia Eagles star Jason Kelce is a popular choice for fans — and he definitely is not single.

It’s not realistic to ask celebrities to be single when they join Dancing With The Stars. But some contestants might do well to take Cheryl’s advice to heart.

What do you think about Cheryl Burke’s advice? Should celebrities really be single when they enter the ballroom? Leave your thoughts and comments below.

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